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Centerpieces are not something you simply toss onto the middle of a table, like some kind of afterthought...gasp!  Oh no, they're much more than that!  They are the ...

"crowning jewel"...

"finishing touch"...

"icing on the cake"...

"piece de resistance"...

Okay, okay, I know... you get it  :-D

Unfortunately, those "crowning jewels" can be really expensive to buy, right?  But wait!  Discover unique ways to make your own "center-ations" (centerpieces + table decorations) and you can save  a ton of money!

It's amazing what you can do using plain everyday items.  You probably already have some laying around in your kitchen cabinets, garage or backyard right now. What better way to re-purpose some of your seldom used items than to turn them into centerpiece awesomeness?  Most everything else you'll need can be purchased at a discount, dollar, or grocery store...for cheap.  Don't confuse "cheap" with "cheap look", though!  You can save money and create a beautiful looking table, whether it's for a holiday, birthday, wedding, baby shower or anything in between. 

I found that discovering creative ways to make my own centerpieces and table decorations was simple to do and very rewarding.  Sometimes, it was also frustrating!  However, that didn't stop me and I always ended up with a great looking table, saved money, and received a great deal of satisfaction from doing it myself.  The great news for you is..... I built this site to share my ideas, tips, tricks, and even a few mistakes, with all of you.  Now, you won't have to go through all that trial & error stuff.  Together, we can do this!

Putting on a nice party with a small budget was a must for me while raising 4 children (go here to read more about me).  There are other benefits to making DIY centerpieces & table decorations, as well! 

Some benefits are: 

  • Lots of fun
  • Saves money
  • Unique & original decorations
  • Easier to personalize for a specific party theme
  • Recycle/re-purpose items-better for environment!
  • Fun group activity for large projects
  • Provides quality time with kiddo's for small projects

Life is too short, so celebrate every day!  Throw a fabulous party & save money, too, with helping you every step of the way. 

Waiver of all liability here... If you make DIY centerpieces and table decorations, I can't be held responsible for what you choose to spend that extra money on, or the consequences of such decisions, such as buying extra wine for your party... or vodka...or shoes.   :-)

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Before Getting Started...

Consider how we humans think about stuff.  We often get stuck into thinking things have to be used in a certain way.  That thinking stifles our creativity!  I call it the "Lowly Vase Syndrome" or "LVS".

The cure for LVS is to simply tweak our way of thinking in order to get those creative juices flowing!

So how do we do that?

The "Lowly Vase Syndrome"

What do I mean by LVS?  Well, if we believe the sole purpose of a vase is to hold flowers and needs to be placed in the center of the table, then we will only put flowers in it and place it in the center of the table, right?

Now, ask yourself “What else could I use this vase for?" and "Where else can I put it?"  Ahhh…see now you’re thinking differently!

It’s not hard…we simply need to “think outside the box” a bit. Once you can do that, there’s no stopping your creativity!

Here's an example...

From Boring...To Fantastic!!

Once you start thinking differently about that boring old vase,  you'll quickly realize it has lots of potential centerpiece awesomeness!

Use it to create a lollipop bouquet, fill it with candies for a candy buffet, line it with construction paper that you can personalize for a graduation party, or stuff it with tissue or colored napkins for a cute baby shower table idea. Fill it with water? Yes, but not for flowers!  Instead, turn it into a stunning floating candle arrangement. Or, turn the vase upside down (without the water!) and place a pillar candle on top for an instant candle holder.

"What?" you say, "I can do all that with just a vase?" Yes, you can...and more!  With a little imagination and all the helpful photos and instructions provided here, you will be able to make your own centerpieces and decorations for all your party, wedding, and shower needs. Now there's no stopping you!

Ideas For More Centerpieces...

Now that you're thinking differently about stuff, imagine the fun you'll have playing with food! Create one of these edible arrangements:

Planning a fun themed party? Create one of these centerpieces:


Holidays and special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations are covered here too.

Follow the above links to start creating your very own perfectly unique and original centerations! But before you leave...

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Thanks a bunch & party on!


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