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So you wanna know a little about me?  Well, I'm just like any other wife, mother, or working woman out there.  I have been blessed to be able to raise four wonderful (now adult) children, including twins!  While at home raising them, my husband traveled frequently for his job so I started a successful home staging business for an upscale market in Scottsdale, Arizona. It gave me some flexibility to work around my family's schedule, but was really hard work physically and mentally.   After 7 years I was burnt out and rather than deal with the hassle of hiring employees to help me,  I chose to dissolve the company and be done.  The timing was perfect!  This all happened before the economy here tanked in the U.S.

For a few years after that, I was busy doing the usual "mom" things and felt satisfied.  But then, the kid's all grew up! What about me?  I found myself with a lot of time on my hands..and quite frankly I missed all the chaos of the family and my own business.  As a result, I went back and got my insurance and securities licenses needed to sell insurance and financial services, something I had done 30 years ago!  After 18 months of hating that job, I left.  There had to be a better way!!  I wasn't getting any younger, but I wanted something I could do that:

  1. Didn't require going into an office everyday
  2. Would provide a good income
  3. Would provide freedom/time to enjoy life's interests
  4. Would allow me to help others

I know...that's a tall order, right?  I searched and searched online and everywhere to find that perfect job.  Then one day, as if an answer to my prayers, I found SBI!  What a life changing moment for me!

With SBI I discovered that, even with my minimal knowledge of technology, I could build an e-business! It has been an unbelievable ride ever since.  I've learned so much about me and my abilities through this process.  With the help of SBI, I have built this website and was given all the tools to do it.  Not just do it, but do it RIGHT! SBI is the only program out there that provides you with verifiable proof that it works.  What an amazing journey it has been, and continues to be everyday!

When I signed up for the SBI program, I didn't really know what I was going to build an e-business about.  Then I realized, everybody likes to throw a party, why not help them create centerpieces and provide all kinds of table decoration ideas?  My creativity used for all those years in decorating homes could be concentrated and focused onto decorating tables. Even better....let's show people how to do it on a budget! Thus, Centerations.com was born. 

Taking care of a family of 6 meant planning and decorating for special occasions was a frequent event in our house! Christmas, New Year's, Halloween, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries,  and weddings ...where does the time go? There was always something to celebrate and decorate for!

Here's a picture of me with my oldest daughter on her wedding day!

Not only has SBI allowed me to build the "perfect" business that I can do from anywhere in the world (with Wi-fi), but it has also made me realize how important that is!  My family was dealt with some very serious blows...near death for 2 of my daughters, a brother with terminal illness, surgeries, etc. and because of SBI, not only was I able to be there for all of my family members during these times, but I continued to make money from my website every day while I was helping them!  Freedom, money, being there for my family when needed, no boss, work from anywhere... what else could you ask for? In case you didn't realize it yet...I LOVE SBI!  You can do what I do, too! Learn to build a successful e-business on any topic you choose, whether you are looking for a full time career, a part time job, looking to supplement retirement income, are a student and want to build a business while going to school,  or maybe you want to be a work at home mom.  For more info about SBI, just click on any of the highlighted links on this page and let today be The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

I've come to realize most people want the same things…health and safety for their family, a comfortable home, and good food to eat. When things in life seem chaotic or out of control, the ability to go to a warm, inviting, well-decorated home is like a sanctuary…a haven, from the outside world! It doesn’t matter whether you live in an extravagant home, or a modest apartment…the need is the same. Centerations.com is about centerpieces and table decorations, but with this philosophy in mind. They're just decorations if you don't express a "feeling" through them to your guests.

Joy and satisfaction come from helping others and Centerations.com is a tool, thanks to SBI, for me to help others create beautiful tables that will enrich their lives. 

Bring hope, joy, love, and warmth into your home by using the ideas in my site as inspiration. Then invite friends and family over! Getting together and celebrating is an opportunity to unwind, re-group and spend quality time with people who are important to you. Celebrate EVERYTHING and share it with others! Welcome them into your home and to your table…which of course, has been decorated with Centerations!



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