Baby Shower
Centerpiece Ideas

These cute baby shower centerpiece ideas will give the mother-to-be a decorated table that will make her smile and create joy and excitement over the pending arrival of her little one, two... or more!

Some table decorations, like cute diaper "cakes", can double as a gift for the new mom. Others can be used as prizes for baby shower game winners.

Check out these cute pink centerpieces for a baby girl, blue centerpieces for a baby boy, and ideas for twin babies. You'll also find ideas using bottles, pacifiers, yellow rubber ducks, or learn how to make adorable cloth diaper cakes. These unique ideas are inexpensive to make and I've provided tips, instructions, and photos making it easy for you to create fabulous baby shower table decorations...or CENTERATIONS for the mom-to-be!

If you need ideas fast...

Here are some super quick ideas that you can whip up in no time for stress-free shower planning:

Idea #1

Fill glass jars that are different shapes and sizes with candy (as shown in photo). Arrange jars on table and scatter pastel colored rose petals around. Sweet!

Idea #2

Place a simple row of candles down the center of the table, perhaps in pastel shades, and then sprinkle confetti or flowers around them or even small plastic baby rattles or pacifiers.

Idea #3

Balloon centerpieces are cute and couldn’t be simpler. Use a small stuffed toy as the weight to hold helium and/or mylar balloons in place.

Idea #4

Fill clear baby bottles with colored paper shreds or candies and tie a cute ribbon around the top. The mom can keep the bottles after the party.

There are all kinds of inexpensive baby items that can be used. Surely the mother-to-be will love and appreciate whatever you create for her special day.


Go here for pink baby shower centerpiece ideas and other suggestions for creating a wonderfully sweet table for baby girl showers. There's even an adorable pink lollipop centerpiece that could be used for the mom expecting multiples!


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These adorable diaper cakes are not too difficult to make and can be made from cloth or disposable diapers. The “cakes” make a beautiful centerpiece and double as a practical gift for the mother-to-be!


What baby doesn't have a little yellow rubber duck for their bath? Here are some cute ideas using those inexpensive rubber ducks to create fun, simple, and "quacky" baby shower centerpieces.

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