Unique Candle Centerpiece Ideas

There are endless candle centerpiece ideas whether using traditional candlestick holders or hurricane lanterns to displaying them on a pretty tray or mirror. There really is no wrong way to use them in your centerpiece.

Be creative and look around your home for ideas to use as a base. A serving tray or platter, crystal stemware, glass bowls or jars, everyday dishes, even a piece of wood could work. Add your candles to the chosen base, alternating their size and height. If desired, you can add additional items such as flowers, a potted plant, rose petals, diamond confetti, rocks, seashells, or anything your creative mind comes up with.

DO be careful about placing items too close to the flames…charred centerpieces usually aren’t that attractive and can totally ruin your dinner party!

Have fun creating your own unique candle centerpieces and let Centerations help get you started by viewing some of the arrangements below.

Candles With Fruit Centerpiece

A nice summer candle centerpiece idea is to place pillar candles inside of a glass hurricane candle holder and fill the space around candle with small fruits, like the key limes and mandarin oranges shown here.  Using battery operated flame less candles will eliminate any drips onto fruit if using outdoors where it may be windy. Although, many of the candles today are considered drip less, so it's up to you whether you want to pay the extra price for battery operated.

Tuscan Style Candlesticks

Tuscan or Old World inspired candlestick holders like the ones shown here look really beautiful when you group several together on your table.  I love this look to go with a wine theme centerpiece or for a romantic dinner for two. They also look fabulous on your everyday dining table! Look for varying heights and designs, but within the same style and color tone for an eclectic, or "collected over the years" look.

Embellished Candlesticks

Candlesticks on their own are beautiful, but by adding a candle wreath or flowers with greenery you bump the look up to a whole new level!

These Tuscan inspired candlesticks were transformed into a gorgeous centerpiece for this buffet table simple by adding foliage and a few flowers.  The beautiful color of the candles makes it all come together and provides a nice pop of color.

These would make the perfect wedding candle centerpiece for a dessert or buffet table. Use flame less candles if venue doesn't allow the use of real ones.

Sticks & Stones and....Candles, Too!

Candle centerpiece ideas like this one are easy to make AND make your table look great!

• Place fabric square or napkin on center of table.

• Place a large fish bowl on center of fabric and partially fill it with smooth stones. These can be purchased or found.

• Pour water into fish bowl, filling to just above stones.

• The glass vases hold different types of candles… one floating and one not. Their varying heights and shapes form a nice grouping of 3, when combined with the larger fish bowl. (Decorator’s tip: Items usually always look better when grouped in odd numbers)

• Small interesting branch is laid directly on table next to fish bowl, adding a natural wood element and provides a great contrast to the shinier glass and water elements.

Easy Branch & Candle Centerpiece Idea

With textured linens including a bamboo patterned napkin, this candle centerpiece has a bit of tropical flare. It was very inexpensive to make, too.

• Lay down a neutral, textured tablecloth and a napkin of choice on center of table

• Find or purchase a cool looking branch (this one was from a bush we cut down in our yard)

• Insert branch into glass vase

• Fill vase with stones

• Place vase on plate or a wood charger, as shown here. Add raffia or paper shreds around bottom of vase, if desired

• Surround centerpiece with glass votive candle holders

Mirror Candle Centerpiece Ideas

• Place mirror on center of table and fill with assorted candles. The reflection off the mirror will cast an exceptionally warm glow.

• Vary the height of candles for visual interest. Place some in holders and others directly on mirror.

• Using different colors add interest and allows you to create color combination's that coordinate with a specific theme or the rest of your table decor.

• Mixing different shapes…votives, tapers, pillars… gives an elegant, yet casual, eclectic look to your centerpiece. Use what you have on hand!

Flame Less Candle Options

A safe and easy centerpiece can be made by using flameless candles, or LED lights.

This centerpiece was made using a battery operated flame less candle, which was placed inside an inexpensive glass vase.

A tissue paper "flower", or pom, was placed on top.

Votive Candles On Tray

•This is a very simple way to accent your table – very quick and easy to do when unexpected guests arrive!

•Place a tray down the center of your table

•Add several small votive candle holders in a line down the tray

•Smaller candles provide nice glow, yet remain low and out of the way for easy views and conversation across the table.

Wood Candle Tray Centerpiece

Here is another great candle centerpiece idea using a beautiful wood tray. The thick carved wood along with the deep rich color tones give this tray a bit of an ethnic feel. The neutral candles allow it to be used all year long. You can recreate the look easily. You will need:

- Wood tray

- 3 pillar candles (any size or color)

Simply place candles down center of tray.

Refrain from adding additional items to the candle tray in order to give it a simple minimalist look and to show off the beauty of the tray itself.

Round Candle Tray Idea

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Use a plate, charger, or tray for this candle centerpiece idea.

2. Add colored stones, in choice of color.

3. Add 3 glass votive candle holders.

Products To Make Your
Candle Centerpiece Ideas...

This is a nice inexpensive basic candle holder that could be used for any party or event, or for everyday.  I love the simplicity of the lines.  Great for showing off all those colored votive candles you have!

Unimprinted Simplistic Votive Holder

Unimprinted Simplistic Votive Holder

Throw an Eiffel Tower or Paris Nights theme party!  These candles are super cute and are perfect for decorating the table, to give as  favors, or as a great little hostess gift:

Imprinted Eiffel Tower Votive Frosted

Imprinted Eiffel Tower Votive Frosted

Great basic votive candle:

Votive Candles White Dozen

Votive Candles White Dozen

All-in-one candle and holder! Perfect for when you need a bunch of candles and don't want to buy candles and holders separately. Since these are unscented they will work well around food:

Poured Glass Votive Candles Unscented Pkg/24

Poured Glass Votive Candles Unscented Pkg/24

Nice basic square votive holder.  I love the idea of personalizing these for an event! (stickers are sold separately)  Think of all the different themes you could use these for, or to give as a personalized gift or favor:

Pacific Square Candle Clear.

Pacific Square Candle Clear

This cool lantern can be used for all kinds of candle centerpiece ideas.  Perfect for outdoor events or for a fun western theme party:

Black Lantern

Black Lantern

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