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Centerations Party News, Issue #001 -- Hearts & Patriots
February 19, 2015

We Heart February! <3

Valentines day AND President's birthdays? For me, that sounds like a good reason to throw a party...or two!

There's nothing like chocolate hearts and flowers to chase away those winter blues.

Valentines day decorations are simple to make, especially when you can use our free printable heart template there. You'll also see cute ideas for valentines day centerpieces.

For a unique dessert idea, check out our edible centerpiece ideas.

February is also a time to celebrate some of our Founding Father's birthdays. Perfect time to throw a patriotic themed party! So,grab a cup of coffee...or champagne if you're able, and let's plan a party!

Patriotic centerpieces and decorations can be made simply and easily with just a few items. Red, white, and blue streamers, balloons, basket filler or confetti can be scattered around table or hung above table, for an instant splash of patriotic color. Or, create a simple patriotic centerpiece using small flags stuck into a floral arrangement or placed inside a vase that's been filled with sparkly basket filler shreds, or other type of "filler". Even plain sand works well to hold your flags in place. Then wrap vase in red, white, and blue tissue paper and hold it in place by tying a ribbon around the top of vase. Fluff tissue ends to finish look.

Quick Dessert Idea...With a Twist!

Serving a red, white, and blue themed dessert for your President's day party is a must, but this recipe can also be used as a Valentine's day dessert. A yummy shortcake with strawberries and blueberries on top would be very refreshing, especially in February. It's like bringing a bit of summer sunshine into the dead of winter! Now for the twist...

Place individual shortcakes in clear plastic cups and serve them with a (red, white, or blue) spoon inserted in it. It's the perfect dessert to eat while standing or socializing. No muss, no fuss! For the non-bakers out there, just purchase a package of individual shortcakes, usually found in the produce section near the berries of your supermarket. As an alternative, place a slice of angel food cake in each cup, instead of shortcake. Then, add berries, a glob of whipped cream or Cool Whip, and top off with a few more berries.

If you can find them, little flag picks on top would be a cute addition for a patriotic theme. If you can't find any, use red, white and blue sprinkles or sugars. A candy heart or chocolate heart can be placed on top for a Valentines day decoration.

Party on...until next month, when we give you new reasons to party!

Centerations Party News

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