Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas centerpieces, beautiful holiday decorations, food, drinks, desserts...(my favorite part)... just some of the things I love about the holidays. It's that special time of year when we finally take a break from the madness of shopping and gather around the table with family and friends.  You probably have great memories of the cool gifts you got as a kid, like that Easy Bake Oven or the pogo stick...which were my two favorites!  But, my most cherished memories are really the ones of time spent with my family, even if we are slightly dysfunctional! 

The holiday table is such an important part of your celebration.  That's where everyone shares stories about that crazy aunt or uncle, or how delicious (or terrible) last year's meal was. A centerpiece should be created that is just as unique and fun as your family.  The ideas shown here are easy, but don't worry if you mess it'll give the family something to talk about next year.

Joy oh joy!  Let's get started!

Lantern Centerpiece Idea

For a really simple and pretty centerpiece idea for your holiday table fill a lantern, like this one with ornaments.  There are all kinds of lanterns you could use to make this. Lanterns can be purchased in different shapes and sizes.  Or, if you're lucky enough to get your hands on an antique one, then use that. 

Fill lantern with ornaments, either all one color or use multiple colors.  You can also layer them for a fun look. Try  layering red ones with white or silver for a candy cane look!

Any way you place them it'll be a nice change from putting a candle inside of it.

Elegant Christmas Topiary Centerpiece

Elegant Christmas Topiary Centerpiece

•Tall English ivy topiary's on Christmas table allow guests to see through and yet provide dramatic feel to the centerpiece.

•2-tiered platter, raised on a pedestal cake plate hidden under shimmery fabric, provides extra serving options for rolls, appetizers, or holiday desserts. Dark wood charger placed underneath delicate tiered platter gives it a bit more “weight” and adds a nice wood element to an otherwise shiny table setting.

•Neutral tablecloth sets off red silk place mats, shimmery gold flecked crystal goblets, and gold angel napkin rings. Ornaments, pine cones, or ribbon could be added to topiary's.  (A red sheer napkin was used around trunk in photo above.)

•Be creative! Use what you have for that layered look down the table …extra fabric from a sewing project… a scarf… a drapery panel… a chenille throw, even a small (clean or new) throw rug (I’d recommend one without rubber/latex backing which may damage your table).

•Note how various shades within the same color family blend for a cohesive look.

Contemporary Candle Christmas Centerpiece

For a more contemporary holiday look place candles onto a tray like the ones shown above.  Then surround with small ornaments or jingle bells. 

Wooly Christmas Tree Centerpieces

I love these little trees!  What a cute Christmas centerpiece they make.  Or, line them up on a mantel above a fireplace.  I saw these in a magazine and thought they'd be a great way to recycle an old wool rug.  The wool loop texture makes them look like fluffy full trees. No old rug laying around to use? You can purchase a wooly looking fabric, or even a faux fur.  Check the leftover cuts section of a fabric store for deals. 

To make them, simply cut tree shapes out of the fabric and glue it onto wood sticks.  The wood can be cut into tree trunk shapes with a saw, with minimal sawing skills, otherwise use wood dowels or even stiff cardboard for the trunks.  Once assembled, attach the trees to a wooden base, or stick them into a piece of foam covered with fake snow.

Lights & Ornaments Bowl

If you have a pretty compote bowl, fruit bowl, or even a pedestal garden bowl use it to create this easy centerpiece!  Add a small string of battery operated lights on bottom.  Then, add sprigs of fresh evergreen and a few ornaments for a bright and shiny display for your holiday table.

A Christmas centerpiece can also be made with just ornaments, ommitting the lights, like the one below...

Crafty Christmas Centerpiece Idea

I saw this pretty centerpiece at a local craft fair.  I love the recycled container, which won't take up a lot of space on your table.  The height can be adjusted based on what you put into it.  This one has a bunch of holiday picks and ornaments mixed with a few evergreen picks.  Most of these items can be purchased at a craft store or you could probably find some at a Dollar store.  Finish it off with a cute ribbon.  Love the polka dot one used here, which ties it in with the round ball ornaments that were used.

Very Cool Lighted Fish Bowl

 This Christmas centerpiece is super easy to make with just a few items.

• Pour fake snow into a large glass fish bowl

• Place 2 or more battery operated LED lights under the snow.  The lights I used here are actually submersible ball shaped with 7 different color options. I found them at my local Wal-Mart store, $3 for 2. You can also find them online.  Another option, although I haven't tried it, would be to use glow sticks.

• Insert 3 holiday picks gently on top of snow

….And DONE! Now wasn’t that simple? Now you have extra time to go wrap gifts and make cookies!


Candlelit Pine Cone and Wreath Christmas Centerpiece

Candlelit Pine cone and Wreath Christmas Centerpiece

• Simple yet elegant!

• Mosaic candle lamp casts beautiful, warm glow to table

• Wreath adds holiday greenery (and wonderful scent if using a real one!)

• Pine cones add a natural, wood element

• Gold-flecked crystal stemware with floating candle adds an extra layer of shimmer and sparkle

• Additional elements could be added to wreath; ribbon, raffia, ornaments…just be careful to keep away from candle flames, or use flameless candles.

Evergreens in Glass Cylinder Vase

Here is an inexpensive Christmas centerpiece idea that only costs about $3.00 to make!

All you need is:

• Glass cylinder vase

• 2 holiday picks(evergreen, berries, whatever you like).

Position the two picks inside the glass cylinder shaped vase.

Surround with votive candles, if you'd like.

That’s it! You can’t get much simpler or less expensive than that!

Love that these votive candles are an organic blend and made with pure essential oils. Aloha Bay Palm Wax Votive Christmas Tree Candle 2 oz - 12 ea

Aloha Bay Palm Wax Votive Christmas Tree Candle 2 oz - 12 ea

Cranberry Bliss

This simple holiday centerpiece idea is quick and easy to do.

. Lay a festive runner down center of table.

. Alternate 2 different size crystal glasses down middle of table.

. Add fresh cranberries and water to each glass.

. Place floating candles in every other glass, or all of them, if you'd prefer!

Candy Canes and Evergreens

Here's another easy and inexpensive idea for a Christmas centerpiece...

Simply purchase 3 or 5 tall plastic candy canes and position the candy canes in a container, using sand or pebbles to hold in place. Add a few holiday evergreen picks on top.

Wrap clear containers with tissue paper and secure it at top with a pretty holiday ribbon.

At 32" high these Large Plastic Candy Canes can be used to make a dramatic, yet inexpensive centerpiece. Purchase extras for lining the walkway to your home to welcome guests in holiday style!

Large Plastic Candy Canes

More candy canes...

Candy canes placed inside boots makes an adorable holiday decoration, whether you put it near your front door or on the center of your table.  I think a fun twist on this would be to use cowboy boots for a rustic, western, or down home Christmas.  (I live in the southwest, so of course it would be normal to use cowboy boots!)

This idea uses REAL candy canes.

Simply position them very close together in a small fish bowl or a jar.

Insert tissue paper down into center hole of bowl.

Add additional decorations, if desired, such as stickers on the tissue, a ribbon tied around outside of jar, or silver pipe cleaners coming out of top for extra sparkle and height.

Another quick and simple christmas centerpiece idea using candy canes is to fill a large fish bowl with mini canes. Then add a ribbon bow around the outside of bowl to finish the look. You can purchase some here Mini Candy Canes Pkg/24

Cake Pops For Holiday Centerpieces

For a fun Christmas centerpiece or holiday buffet table idea use food! Edible arrangements, such as these yummy

cake pops are guaranteed to be a big hit at your Christmas dessert table.

Cake pops can be decorated any way you'd like and they can be individually wrapped or unwrapped. Display them together in a jar or stick them into a cone shaped piece of foam to create a "tree".

Using white or brown chocolate candy coating provides a great "base" for your creativity when it comes to decorating them. Try crushed candy canes, red icing swirls, or green sugar sprinkles.

No matter how you decorate them or display these delectable little cake treats, I guarantee they will disappear quickly!

Holiday Dessert Buffet

What could be "sweeter" than a holiday dessert buffet table?

Evergreen branches and sprigs of red berries surround a tiered serving platter holding decorated, bite-size brownies. Ornate place mats, candles, and napkins are interspersed with platters of cookies,cakes, sweet treats, and glasses full of nuts and candies.

I think I gain 5 pounds every time I look at this table - but it all looks so good!

Add that extra festive touch to your desserts with Candy Cane Deco Pics Pkg/24

See cupcake bouquet ideas  and other edible centerpieces.

Candy Cane Deco Pics Pkg/24

More Holiday Touches...

A cheap way to decorate a bunch of holiday tables is to use a foil spray like this Candy Cane Foils Spray. If you want more height add helium balloons to it.

Go here to see balloon centerpiece ideas.

Candy Cane Foils Spray

Add Candy Cane Table Sprinkles With Glitter to any table for extra festive touch.

Candy Cane Table Sprinkles With Glitter

How adorable is this Christmas Elf Boy Costume...

Christmas Elf Boy Costume

Add some hot new fun to your Christmas outfit this year with these Sexy Christmas Boots - Mrs Claus Costume Accessory

Sexy Christmas Boots - Mrs Claus Costume Accessory

What a great way to welcome visitors to your holiday winter wonderland! Christmas Candy Arch

Christmas Candy Arch

...don't stop there!  Continue the fun with a  candy theme centerpiece!

Glass Bowl with Personalized M&Ms

Glass Bowl with Personalized M&Ms

Present your Personalized M&Ms in style. This elegant clear glass candy bowl comes with three 7oz bags of your personalized M&MS creation. Choose colors, write a creative message, and even add a face! Candy Bowl is 5�" high (including lid).

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