Easter Centerpieces
How To Create A Fun Spring Table

Easter centerpieces should be fresh and new and reflect the beautiful colors of spring!  Think about a beautiful pale green of a newly formed leaf, warm yellow of a tulip or daisy, soft blue of a robin’s egg…you get the idea.

Fresh spring colors found in nature give our heart and soul feelings of renewal! Isn’t that what Easter and spring are all about? Help renew minds and hearts this Easter with some of these cute centerpiece and spring table decoration ideas. They're guaranteed to make you feel very “hoppy”!(sorry...had to do it!)

Use the photos and ideas here to create your own unique Easter Centerpiece. 

Find instructions on How To Color Easter Eggs at the bottom of this page.

Check Out These Ideas!
4 Simple Items...
4 Cute Centerpieces

• SMALL METAL BUCKETS (I bought these at an Ikea store)

• GLITTERY FOAM EGGS ON RIBBON (only 99 cents each at craft store)

• 1 LARGE & 2 SMALL TISSUE FLOWERS (these are available at many craft stores that carry Martha Stewart’s line of craft items. These are sold as tissue paper balls which come pre-cut & flat. All you do is fluff up each layer. I only fluffed them about ¾ of the way so they aren’t completely round).


NOTE: The tissue flowers come in white, which would work in your arrangements as well. I made them yellow by spraying them ever-so-lightly with a yellow floral spray. The one I used is pictured here at right. I found it at Michael's craft stores.

IDEA #1:

IDEA #2:

IDEA #3:

IDEA #4:

Chocolate Bunnies & Chocolate Eggs

With most of my family living out of state, we had a small Easter celebration with just my husband and 2 of my daughters (who at age 22 still like Easter baskets!).  This was our Easter centerpiece.  It certainly doesn't reflect the true meaning of Easter...but it was delish! It also took about 60 seconds to put together.  So cute, cheap, and quick! 

I bought a bag of good quality German chocolate bunnies and eggs and simply placed them on top of green paper shreds.  The only problem was that it sits on top of a lazy susan, so no spinning was allowed or they all went flying!  Lesson learned...

Marshmallow Bunnies

This cute Easter centerpiece was made using a simple cardboard box as a base.  Then, I inserted small bamboo skewers into the yellow bunnies (Peep's brand, which are available in many colors).  The marshmallow twists were cut in half and also inserted onto small skewers. I found these at the Dollar Tree store.

Then, I arranged them by inserting skewers into a small block of foam which was covered with the basket shreds.  Think of all the possibilities  you can create with food centerpieces!

Vintage Easter Brunch Table

To achieve a great vintage looking table go for a unique "collected-over-the-years" look.  Don't make it all match-y, match-y.  Mix it up!

Here's how to get this look:

•Antique lace tablecloth gives vintage feel. A pastel colored cloth under the lace would also be pretty. Remember, layering adds texture and interest!

•Traditional candlesticks give nice glow and add to vintage feel.

•Beautiful floral silk scarf square, placed under centerpiece adds pretty spring color and yet another vintage touch to the table (this scarf actually belonged to my husband’s grandmother, so it truly is vintage, however, a new one could look just as pretty and accomplish the same thing)

•A bunch of sticks and white roses placed inside vase, then inserted into a pretty gift bag, adds another natural element. The glittery blue egg pick with sheer blue ribbon adds to the Easter centerpiece theme and provides an eye-catching dose of color and sparkle to the arrangement.

•Tiered platter, raised up on a pedestal covered by scarf, provides additional food serving space

•Coffee carafe and cups on tray allow easy access or removal from table.

•Eggs placed in antique crystal stemware on top of pink recycled paper shreds add another splash of spring color to each plate. Of course, the eggs could be dyed for yet another layer of color.

•Underneath each plate a piece of pale blue or green construction paper was placed. A pastel napkin or placement would obviously work, but think outside the box if you don’t have them! Plus, these don’t require laundering!

Double Row of Tulips

Nothing says spring like beautiful tulips!

Paint a few clay pots white and then plant beautiful tulips in them. Make as many as needed to go down the length of your table. A double row of pots will give you a bigger impact!

Paint the pots whatever color you'd like for your Easter centerpiece. You can also choose from a large variety of tulip colors.

Silk tulips will also work for this centerpiece. You can find them in just about any color at craft stores during springtime.

Cute Little Yellow Duckies

When you think of Easter, you think of yellow chicks, right??  Well, now you can create a cute centerpiece using those adorable little yellow rubber ducks!  They come in all sizes and are available in other colors, too. See this idea and others at yellow rubber duck centerpieces.

Bright Spring Floral Bouquet

I know, I know...this kind of goes against my "natural" rule! But sometimes rules need to be broken, especially when you find something so bright and cheery as this colorful dyed daisy floral bouquet!

This beautiful spring-y arrangement, placed in a nice vase, will brighten any spring time table setting. Daisies are usually very inexpensive, too. My husband picked this up for me from a local grocery store (to brighten my day...that sweetheart!)

Add some bright yellow or pink napkins to tie it into a neutral tablecloth.

More Quick Ideas for
Easter Centerpieces

IDEA #1 Place beautiful potted Easter lilies down length of long table, or one in center of a round or square table. Add a few pillar or votive candles in between or around them, if desired.

IDEA #2 Use a cute stuffed bunny or lamb for an adorable Easter centerpiece? Place in center of table on top of fake Easter basket grass. Surround it with colored eggs. Or use the animal as a weight to hold pastel colored balloons. Kid's will love it!  More ideas..balloon centerpieces.

IDEA #3 Make a pastel frosted cupcake bouquet! Instructions can be found here.

IDEA #4 Place baskets on the table. Fill each one with fake grass or pastel colored recycled paper shreds. Then place something on top. You could use colored eggs (see instructions for how to dye Easter eggs below), cupcakes, candies,a glass cylinder vase with pillar candle, small stuffed animals, yellow rubber ducks, or just about anything you'd like.

IDEA #5 Make cookies-on-a-stick and insert into a block of foam, which you've placed inside a cute bucket, vase, or other container. They could also be arranged in a cute jar, such as a Mason jar. Surround arrangement with fake grass, if desired. Mmmmm...me want cookies!

IDEA #6 For a traditional Easter centerpiece make a cross out of rectangular bricks of floral foam that you glue together to form the cross shape. Decorate by either spray painting it in white or silver, covering it with fabric or gift wrap, or by gluing silk flowers, beads, or pearls onto it. Stand up on a base, or lay down on table. You could also bake a cross cake (easily made by cutting from a 13'x9' pan, if you don't have a cross shaped pan). Then pipe flowers or other decorations onto it. If you're not that skilled, purchase pre-made icing flowers and cake decorations.

Instructions For
How To Dye Eggs...

Coloring Easter eggs is simple and they will add wonderful spring color to your Easter centerpiece.


Hard Boiled Eggs

Food Coloring



- To begin dying Easter eggs, first place about 20 or so drops of food coloring into a coffee mug, or small bowl.  Mix colors, if desired (example: red & yellow to make orange)

- Add about 1 tablespoon of the vinegar.

- Add water (not too hot or too cold, room temperature is best) about 1/2 way up and stir with a spoon.

- Next, gently place one egg in each cup. You may add more water to cover egg completely, if necessary.

The longer you let the egg sit in the dye, the darker it will become. Once you are happy with the color, lift egg out of dye cup, blot dry, and place on an empty egg carton or some other stand until completely dry.

For a two-toned look hold the egg half way into dye color of choice.  Once desired color is obtained, flip it over and place the un-dyed half in a second color.

There are lots of egg decorating kits available that include wax crayons for writing on eggs before dipping them, stickers and holders to put on after they dry, as well as some very cool techniques and effects.  Check 'em out!  They're available in most stores before Easter.  They're pretty cheap, too!

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