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A floating candle centerpiece is probably one of the easiest centerpieces to make. All you'll need is a fireproof container, bowl, or glass, add water and candles...& voila!  Instant, beautiful, glowing centerpiece!

There are many floating candle styles. They come in various shapes and sizes and typically have a shorter, wider base which allows them to float.  A regular candle will also work if that's all you have, as long as it will stay straight up and not tip over in the water. If using a heavier candle, such as a pillar, then only fill the container with enough water to give the same effect, but without making the candle actually float. A piece of aluminum foil shaped into a small cup or bowl can support a small candle, such as a tea light, and helps to keep it above water as well. The reflection off the foil will provide some extra sparkle and shine to the decoration.Try wrapping a piece of foam in foil and placing candle on top.  I made foam star shapes wrapped in foil and placed small votives on top to float in my pool for a party.  It worked well.

Be creative when making your arrangements. Various sized glass vases and bowls that are grouped together on your table can be quite stunning! You could also add items to the water before placing the candles in it. Lemons, limes, flowers, cranberries, small stones, marbles and many other items will work well.

Check out some of the photos and tips below.

Always remember…safety first! Never leave a burning candle unattended due to the risk of fire!

Floating Candle Fish Bowl

•Glass fish bowl partially filled with clear iridescent marbles that are layered on bottom.  Then half fill fishbowl with water.

•Pale blue and brown sheer ribbon tied around bowl with silk rosebud accent added.

•3 rose shaped floating candles placed inside fish bowl.

Floating Candles and Cranberries

I used this centerpiece for our Christmas table one year!

Simply place a few cranberries into each glass, fill with water, and add candle.  Simple, yet very pretty!  Go here to see more Christmas Centerpiece ideas.

Floating Candles

Using Crystal Stemware

Elegant, gold-flecked, antique crystal goblets, in two sizes, are partially filled with water and a floating candle placed on top. This floating candle centerpiece provides a wonderful warm glow to the shades of blue, green and gold in this table setting.

Here's a good basic candle that will work well for just about any floating candle centerpiece:

3" Floating Candle White


Love that these are submersible!  Place these flame less candles inside your own container, add water, and you'll have a fabulous and safe candle centerpiece:

Led Submersible Candle White Set/3

Led Submersible Candle White Set/3

This is perfect for a small floating candle centerpiece. Just add a unique shaped candle in color of your choice. Toss a few rose petals around table to compliment the look!

Glass Votive Holder

Glass Votive Holder

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