Halloween Centerpieces

Halloween centerpieces don’t have to be scary or gory. Blood, guts, ghosts, and goblins are okay for some parties but, you can also create  pretty Halloween tables and decorations by incorporating natural fall elements and colors into them.

Use muted shades of orange, gold and brown to give your table a soft natural fall feel. For creepier haunted house type feeling use lots of black with orange, faux witches cauldrons, cobwebs and dried tree branches (never throw those tree trimmings away, they are like centerpiece "gold"!).  Place bare tree branches in a container so branches sprawl out over table. Spray paint branches, if desired, or add fake cobwebs, lights, or other Halloween decorations to it.

Keep your table full of fun items and plenty of snacks, which of course must include Halloween candy.  I'll gladly trade you my hard candy and gum for your chocolate bars...yummy!

Phantom Of The Candelabra

A candelabra all by itself will make a great Halloween centerpiece that also allows room on your table for other decorations. Candelabras also  make a great start for a Phantom of the Opera theme party. Add Phantom Of the Opera masks to our decorations and play the music from the opera in the background. 

Here are some other simple ideas you can use to place around your candelabra:

•  Black tablecloth will provide a great base for highlighting a silver candelabra.  Use a black sheet if you cant find one.  It's probably cheaper.

•  Faux (or real) pumpkin placed on silver cake board will give some sparkle and reflect any light.  Add some recycled paper shreds, hay or raffia around the table for some natural texture.

•  Small tin cans (washed out thoroughly and free of sharp edges, of course) make great smaller sized containers for holding candy corn and other treats.  They can also be used for condiments if you plan to serve food.  You can use any bowl or container, of course, but cans are free and you're re-purposing them at the same time. You can always spray paint the outside or add decorative ribbons, burlap, or other decorations to them as well.  (Helpful hint: Check out the can openers that remove the entire top of can, thus no sharp edges!)

• Apple, pumpkin, pecan....any of these flavors scream "fall", so they will always work with any fall holiday table. Why not include some in yours, whether it's pie, ice cream, cupcakes, breads, or even in drinks?  So good!

Glittering Pumpkins

Glitter and sequins will create a boo-tiful sparkling Halloween centerpiece for your table.  It's easy to add glitz and glam with just a few items.  

To make these sparkly decorations just apply glue or ModPodge with a brush to surface of a faux or real pumpkin. Then, liberally sprinkle glitter, sequins, or epsom salts to the pumpkins.  Epsom salts, sold in any drug store, will create a nice frosty look and is a cheaper alternative to many other materials.  Allow to dry completely. Then, gently shake off any excess onto newspaper.  You can paint pumpkins first, for color variety, if desired. 

Simple Fall Centerpiece Idea

Here's a pretty centerpiece for Halloween, or any fall table, using a pumpkin shaped canister.  I had this one laying around, so I used it to display a small floral arrangement.  Any type of container could be used, though.  If it's a pumpkin shape, then even better!  You could also use a container that has been painted or decorated in fall colors, or as a pumpkin.

I then added...

  • gold candles placed in antique candlesticks
  • black sheer fabric with rhinestone design to add sparkle
  • small crystal glass filled with brown and gold chocolates. Candy corn, or any other treat, can be used as well.

Halloween Centerpieces Using
Black Ravens

Another simple Halloween centerpiece idea...

. Create a base of hay, paper shreds, or other similar type material by placing it in center of table on top of black tablecloth.

. Place black ravens or crows onto top of shredded material. The birds can usually be found at craft stores in late summer and early fall. I found these at a dollar store.

. Glass cylinder vase, lined with black tissue paper holds a dried tree branch (you know how I feel about saving those tree trimmings!)

. Add silk leaves to branch for fall color with a glue gun. Place a few "falling leaves" on table as well.

. Candles add nice glow. (For safety, use battery-operated flameless candles)

Halloween Pumpkins
All In A Row

What would Halloween centerpieces be without pumpkins?

• Place pumpkins of various shapes and sizes in a row down the center of table. For a fun twist... spray paint them different colors.

• A thin layer of leaves, or hay, placed under the pumpkins brings a fall feeling to your setting.

• Carving the pumpkins certainly make them more fun and interesting to look at. There are many pumpkin carving kits now available to make it easier.

• If you’re not comfortable using a knife or carving tools, or want to include younger children in the project, then either draw faces on them or cut out magazine pictures of different facial features (a mouth from a toothpaste ad, eyes from a cartoon…etc.)

• Candles placed inside carved pumpkins look great, especially at night! For safety, use flameless battery-operated candles.

Halloween Buffet Table Decorations

Wire, wood, metal, candlelight, and a spray-painted tree branch combine to make up this Halloween party buffet

• Real tree branch is spray-painted in “paprika” color and then secured inside large pickle jar.  The jar was wrapped in black tissue paper and tied with raffia.  A sprawling branch makes the perfect Halloween centerpiece without taking up a lot of room on the table. Fun lighting could also be added to it.

• Brown paper lunch bags, cut down to various sizes, with scalloped edge and ribbon tie decoration on front. Napkin placed inside for pop of color on top. Fill with candy corn, pretzels, chips, or whatever. (for a taller or heavier item, such as licorice sticks, place in a glass first and then put inside bag to keep from tipping over). Bags could also be decorated with sponge paint designs or cuts outs (nice craft project for kids). Use your imagination.

• A bit of ivy adds a green element to an otherwise “dead” arrangement.

• Apples placed in a tall wire basket add nice red color

• Wood bowl lined with glittered black tissue is filled with popcorn. Adds brown, wood element, and bit of sparkle from tissue paper.

• Wicker basket on raised black metal stand, filled with chips, adds height variation, metal, and natural wicker element

• Raffia bow tied around tall iron candle holder gives light, natural, fall feel (I think of hay whenever I see raffia!) Cute pumpkin candle adds a touch of whimsy, as well as a nice glow.

• Layered fabric adds interest and color to setting. This photo shows a brown textured tablecloth with a rust/cream checked fabric square overlay.


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