Yellow Rubber Duck

A yellow rubber duck centerpiece is a super cute way to decorate your table for a baby shower. They come in so many sizes, colors, and themes that you'll find them to fit any type of celebration, not just baby showers.  Include them in your decorations for Easter, a birthday party, graduation, or almost any themed party.  Those little quackers are cheap, too...or, should I say "cheep" :-D  So stock up on the cute little guys and find ways to incorporate them into all your "duckerations".  Sorry, couldn't help myself.

"Cheep" Centerpieces &
Quick Baby Shower Decoration Ideas...

  • Tie a pink or blue scarf around duck's neck using ribbon or scrap fabric. 
  • Make a baby bonnet for it's head out of fabric or a paper doily & ribbon.
  • Include one in a gift basket filled with a towel and other bath products.  Use as both a centerpiece and gift for mom-to-be.
  • Float ducks in clear glasses or bowls.
  • Float in a mini pool for a fun table decoration.
  • Float in a large punch bowl filled with celebrations punch (wash them well first).
  • Place several down the center of table.
  • Make a yellow rubber duck balloon centerpiece using yellow balloons and duck shaped mylar balloons

You can also purchase rubber ducks that are already decorated for specific themes and occasions. Check your local party store, Walmart or Target, or go online. 

 Yellow Rubber Ducks...All In A Row

The best thing about using yellow rubber ducks for a baby shower centerpiece (or a as cute Easter centerpiece) is how inexpensive they are. Buy a bunch of them and add them to all sorts of things to create fun decorations for your table.Here's a really simple idea...

Make it:

• Lay recycled paper shreds down the center of table and position a few  ducks on top of it. Easy Peasy!

• For a longer table, just add more ducks. For a buffet table, place small clumps of “grass”, with one duck on top of each pile, and mix them around and in between buffet table items.

• Change color of “grass” to whatever works with other decorations…pink, blue, orange, natural. The ducks will look cute no matter what color grass they sit on.

Duck Family Swimming On "Pond"

This is so inexpensive and easy to do!

•Family of ducks are placed in a “pond” of blue stones on a white tablecover.

•Wicker basket with yellow daisies add more bright yellow color

•Martini glass filled with buttercream mints in cute baby shower print packaging

Just Swimming Along...

• Purchase an inexpensive package of small rubber ducks.

• Place one in each wine glass (or other type of glass) with a bit of water for "swimming".

Note:  You could add a bit of blue food coloring to water if you want, but it may dye the bottom of ducks blue, so don't do this if you are planning on giving them away or using them after the shower.

• A shimmery ribbon tied around stem of glass adds a decorative touch.

• Small candles in votive holders add some sparkle.

• Pastel colored confetti is scattered around arrangement. (I used a hole puncher to make ones shown here, using construction paper).

OR...instead of confetti...scatter personalized candies around the table. Create your own here: Celebrate the Sweet New Arrival! Personalize M&M's for your baby shower!

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