Yellow Rubber Duck Centerpiece
  Make it for Cheap! Cheap!

A yellow rubber duck centerpiece makes a cute decoration for a baby shower.  Since they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and themes and are really inexpensive, you have the ability to create a really unique and personalized centerpiece.

For a fun whimsical centerpiece idea float ducks in glasses or bowls. If you have a large table to display them on, consider floating them in a mini pool! 

Large rubber ducks look cute on their own when placed on the center of your table, or when combined with other baby shower decorations. 

Primp your duck for the occasion by tying a pretty ribbon bow around it's neck.  Then, place it in a basket on top of colored paper shreds, fake grass, or on top of a baby blanket (now you've also created a gift to give the mom).  You can also buy a duck that is  "pre-decorated" or has embellishments already molded into  it.  I'm amazed at the variety of themes available!  Did you know you can buy them with a cat face instead of a duck? Or that you can buy them already decorated as pirates, princesses, and other characters wearing crowns, beads, or decked out for just about every holiday imaginable? You can even design your own!  I'm not necessarily saying that these should be used for your baby shower, but I do find the selection impressive!  Perhaps I should consider getting into the yellow rubber duck business! Who knew? 

Be sure to check out the cute yellow rubber duck products shown at bottom of this page!

Using yellow rubber ducks to decorate your baby shower table also means you won't have to empty your wallet.  With the ideas at and a bit of your own creativity you'll be "quacking" all the way to the bank (sorry...had to do it) and the cuteness of your creation will put a smile on your everyone's face!

Cute Ducks In A Row...

The best thing about using yellow rubber ducks for a baby shower centerpiece, or a cute Easter Centerpiece , is how inexpensive they are. Add them to all sorts of things to create a fun decoration for your table.

Here’s how I made this one:

• Lay green recycled paper shreds (that stuff is so versatile!) down the center of table and then place a few of the ducks on top of it. Easy Peasy!

• For a longer table just add more. For a buffet table place small clumps of the paper “grass” with one duck on each pile and mix them in between buffet table items.

• Change color of “grass” to whatever works with other decorations…pink, blue, orange, natural. The ducks will look cute no matter what color grass they sit on.

Family Swim In Duck "Pond"

This is very inexpensive and easy to do!

•Family of ducks are placed in a “pond” of blue stones on a white tablecover.

•Wicker basket with yellow daisies add more bright yellow color

•Martini glass filled with buttercream mints in cute baby shower print packaging

Just Swimmingly

• Purchase an inexpensive package of small rubber ducks.

• Place one in each wine glass (or other type of glass) with a bit of water for "swimming".

Note:  You could add a bit of blue food coloring to water if you want, but it may dye the bottom of ducks blue, so don't do this if you are planning on giving them away or using them after the shower.

• A shimmery ribbon tied around stem of glass adds a decorative touch.

• Small candles in votive holders add some sparkle.

• Pastel colored confetti is scattered around arrangement. (I used a hole puncher to make ones shown here, using construction paper).

OR...instead of confetti...scatter personalized candies around the table. Create your own here: Celebrate the Sweet New Arrival! Personalize M&M's for your baby shower!

Here are some adorable yellow duck items you might be interested in...

Lil Quack Confetti

Lil Quack Confetti

This adorable Lil Quack Confetti features yellow and orange baby ducks making a splash in water along with bubbles on blue backgrounds. Each package contains 1 1/2 ounces of Baby Shower Confetti measuring approximately 1 1/4 inches in diameter along with foil blue dots. Sprinkle Lil Quack Confetti on tabletops or add a few pieces inside invitations.

Lil Quack Centerpieces

Lil Quack Centerpieces

Our Lil Quack Centerpiece features an adorable yellow duck dangling from a blue bubble circle with a yellow honeycomb base. The Lil Quack Centerpiece measures 10 inches tall x 8 inches wide and is made of cardstock and tissue paper. The Lil Quack Centerpiece will add a touch of fun and cuteness to your baby shower.

Lil Quack Dinner Plates Pkg/8

Lil Quack Dinner Plates Pkg/8

Our Lil Quack Dinner Plates feature an adorable yellow duck splashing in the water with bubbles all around him. A package of Lil Quack Dinner Plates include eight 9 inch round paper plates. The Lil Quack Dinner Plates are great to serve your guests at your lil ones baby shower.

Lil Quack Cupcake Wraps & Picks Pkg/12

Lil Quack Cupcake Wraps & Picks Pkg/12

These Lil Quack Cupcake Wraps and Picks are the perfect way to dress up desserts at a baby shower. Each package contains 12 - 3 inch long baby duck cupcake picks and 12 - 2 inch high x 3 1/4 inch long paper cupcake wraps. Use these in conjunction with additional Lil Quack party supplies to create an adorable baby shower!

Duck Cake Pan

Duck Cake Pan

The 3-D Duck Cake Pan is sure to make a splash at birthday parties, baby showers and classroom parties. Each two-piece duck cake pan measure 9 inches x 7 inches x 5 inches and holds 5 1/2 cups of cake batter. The adorable 3-D Duck Cake Pan creates a free-standing cake that is sure to be the centerpiece of any party table.

Rubber Duck Standee

Rubber Duck Standee

Our Rubber Duck Standee has the look of a yellow rubber ducky, complete with orange beak and blue eyes. Each Rubber Duck Standee measures 3 feet 10 inches high x 3 feet 10 inches wide and is printed on one side of cardboard. The Rubber Duck Standee is a fun way to decorate for every party from a baby shower to a birthday. Easy assembly.

Duck Shaped Foil Balloon

Duck Shaped Foil Balloon

Our Duck Mylar Balloon has the look of a yellow rubber duckie with his yellow body and orange beak. Each Duck Balloon measures 29 inches, is made of mylar and is printed on both sides. The Duck Mylar Balloon is a great way to decorate for your baby shower, first birthday or just to bring a smile to someones face.

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