Best Backyard Wedding Ideas

There are numerous backyard wedding ideas, or outdoor garden wedding ideas, that will give you that perfect look for your outdoor reception. The venue you've chosen will of course determine what, where, and how you can decorate. If you’re having your celebration in a private backyard, you most likely have the freedom to decorate how you wish. If you’re venue is going to be at a public park or on a rented private property such as a farm, barn, vineyard, bed & breakfast, etc., then you will need to adhere to any rules they give you pertaining to your decorations.

Use these backyard wedding ideas as a guide to create a plan, or a blueprint for your wedding decorations. Then, customize them any way you want to fit with your wedding theme.  For example, change the color,  replace string with ribbon, or replace a burlap runner with a different fabric, etc.

Our goal is to provide every bride the opportunity to be her own “custom designer”.  By using our ideas and adding your own creative flare to them you'll achieve the ultimate desired look and feel you want for your wedding. Keep this in mind as you look over the following backyard wedding ideas and think of ways you can adapt them to fit your venue, colors, and overall desired look.

Don’t forget, you can always contact me for further explanation or additional help, if needed!

Garden Flowers For Gift Table

This idea is shown on a gift table, however, it can be used for your wedding reception dining tables as well!

- Add a runner, or some other type of overlay, onto table (a burlap runner was used here).

- Select a variety of garden flowers, either from your own garden or purchased.

- Arrange various containers on table (metal containers, glass bottles, vases, etc.)

- Partially fill each container with water

- Add your flowers to each container, mixing them up as desired, for a casual look. For a slightly more formal look use all one type or color of flower such as all ivory roses or all pink carnations.

Simply Natural
Bird Nest Centerpieces

I love this for a backyard wedding idea! 

These bird nest centerpieces can be made from simple twigs that are tied together in a nest shape.  Simply trim twigs so they are all approximately the same length.  Then, stack them in a circular shape creating several layers as you go up. Add a bit of moss to the center of the nest and place 3 or 4 decorative eggs, such as the beautiful blue ones shown here, in the center. 

Any type of egg can work, whether glass, ceramic, painted, or whatever you find.  Choose eggs in your wedding colors, painting them if needed. To keep the look natural, use neutral table linens so the egg colors will really pop! These nests will provide just the right amount of texture to your tables.  Candles could be added in between nests, if desired.  I would use tall clear glass cylinder vases with neutral pillar candles, or floating candles in water.

Wedding Flower Buckets

Sometimes the best backyard wedding ideas are the simplest. You can create wedding centerpieces with big impact for a small price!

These pretty arrangements are merely tall metal flower buckets (the kind you see on the streets in romantic cities!) filled with an array of mixed flowers.

The flowers can be changed to suite your taste and colors. This is a great idea for the bride that doesn't want anything too fussy.

If you have a wedding outdoors, be sure to consider windy conditions. These are tall and could blow over easily. Add sand or pebbles to bottom of bucket containers to weight them down and prevent tipping.

A burlap runner down the length of the table would give these flower buckets a nice cohesive base and texture. Look for these metal buckets at craft stores or garden centers.

Pretty Hydrangea Centerpiece

I love backyard wedding ideas that are simple and natural, like this beautiful centerpiece.  A friend of mine's daughter created this for a wedding.

A piece of birch tree trunk was used as a vase to hold the gorgeous ivory hydrangeas. Table numbers were inserted into each vase. It was then placed on top of a burlap runner, which has a fabric finish along the edges.  

Canning jars were used to hold floating candles.  The larger jars were adorned with ribbon, which holds another piece of burlap, tying it in with the runner.

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Garden Wedding Tulip Centerpiece

If you're looking for backyard wedding ideas and are planning a spring wedding then take advantage of the different potted flowers that are available, such as tulips, lilacs, or daisies. Create one or two rows of potted flowers going down the center of a long table, or group a few pots in the center of a round table. Keep the pots all one size for a unified look, or put a few into larger pots to create interesting height variations.The latter works especially well for a round table.

These gorgeous red tulips are a great backyard wedding idea and will make quite a statement! The clay pots were painted white for a more cohesive look. Choose flower and pot colors that work for your wedding colors. If you haven't chosen a color, perhaps find flowers you love and use those colors as your inspiration!

Tissue Flower With
Flame Less Candle

Here's an easy idea for a wedding centerpiece! 

Purchase paper flowers (available in craft shown here is part of Martha Stewart's line of wedding supplies), lightly spray paint tips in one of your wedding colors (in this example, yellow).  Place on top of a glass vase which holds a flameless, or LED candle.  Tie ribbon around it, if desired.

Meadow Grass With Flowers Centerpiece

Here is a super simple backyard wedding idea that can be used directly on your reception tables, or make larger ones to use decorate your aisle. The flowers can be changed to reflect your colors. To make this, merely arrange a large clump of grasses together with a few flowers and secure with rope and ribbon. However, here is a way to reduce your cost by using less grass and making the arrangement a bit more stable:

- Place (real or artificial) tall grasses around a can or bottle and secure with a couple rubber bands around can to help hold them in place while you arrange it.

- Once grasses are in place wrap rope or string around to secure and cover rubber bands.

- Insert flowers into bottle or can and arrange around top of grasses. If you need more fullness, add more grass along with flowers in center of container.

- If you need taller ones to use as part of your backyard wedding decorations, consider putting them into large pedestal type planters, or pots. This will raise them up to the level that you need. Add more flowers around arrangement at the base of the planter. Have some of the flowers drape down the side of pot to create a soft 2-tiered effect.

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Cute Idea to Display
Photos or Notes

This is such a great idea! My son and daughter-in-law did this at their wedding to display pictures and kind words from guests (which were actually fill-in-the-blank comments on the invitation response cards). Additional notes were strung around the trunk of a large tree nearby.

They used this small wooden ladder, adorned it with beautiful garden flowers, and used natural string draped across the rungs for holding little clips to secure the pictures and notes.

The wedding ceremony and reception were both held outdoors on the property of a beautiful bed & breakfast inn, so this cute ladder decoration contributed to the casual, yet beautiful garden setting. I love great backyard wedding ideas that add that extra personal touch!

Painted Pottery Centerpieces

When you think about garden or backyard wedding ideas you most likely envision a beautiful sunny day surrounded by garden flowers.

Well, this idea combines both into one arrangement! If you are lucky to find a beautiful piece of painted pottery (or can paint your own) then you can make this pretty centerpiece for your wedding tables.

All you have to do is add water and an inexpensive, or home grown, mixed garden floral bouquet. Beautiful and sunny for your special day.

Don't be afraid to mix eclectic look can be very pretty! If you find a good deal on mismatched pottery at a discount home goods store, then buy them! Stores such as TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall's, or Hobby Lobby often have a great selection of pottery. Garden centers also carry a selection of painted pots that could be used.

If you find a few painted pieces that you just "gotta have" but there aren't enough for all your tables, then consider purchasing them anyway, along with solid colored pots in one or two coordinating colors.

For a cohesive look for your wedding tables you'll want to be sure the pots have something in common...perhaps a specific color, shape, style, or pattern. Using only one type of flower for all the pots will also give a unified look to different pottery patterns.

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Wedding Balloons

A wedding balloon centerpiece is another great idea for a backyard wedding.  It's also a great price performer for limited wedding budgets!  Balloons can also be used to make arches and many other wedding decorations.  Get ideas and supplies at Wedding Balloons.

Serving & Preparing Food

A backyard wedding can be a lot of work!  If you are relying on friends and family members to help you prepare and serve the food for your reception then you will need some catering supplies, such as this serving set:

11 Piece Party Kit

11 Piece Party Kit

This Party Serving Set includes everything you need to have the best food at your party. Includes: 1 wire chafing racks 1 full size water pan 2 half size food pans 2 gel heat fuels 2 serving forks 2 serving spoons 1 6 1/2 inch serving tongs The pan sizes are as follows: Full Size Pan - 20 3/4 inches long x 12 13/16 inches wide x 3 3/8 inches deep Half Size Pan - 12 3/4 inches long x 10 3/8 inches wide x 2 9/16 inches deep Great for weddings, graduations, birthday parties or any event.

Look Around For More
Backyard Wedding Ideas...

Look all around you for inspiration when you're trying to come up with a backyard wedding idea.  You'll be amazed at how easily you can create your own wedding decorations.

Check out store's sale and clearance aisles, yard sales, flea markets, and second hand stores. Think of ways you can turn plain items into something fantastic! Spray paint, beads, rhinestones, ribbon...all these items can be applied or glued to totally change the look of an inexpensive item into the perfect decoration! Consider glasses, vases, pots, baskets, boxes... all of these items can be painted or decorated to become your very own customized backyard wedding ideas for your reception table or outdoor wedding decorations.

Also look at all the natural elements outdoors that can be used from rocks to tree branches and berries, you might find some very interesting items to work with!

Got something, but not sure what to do with it?

Just ask's always free for my visitors!

I will respond back to you with an email containing a few "off the top of my head" ideas. Be sure to provide me with as many details as possible about the item and event you are planning for, as well as the time of year.

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