How to Make a
Balloon Centerpiece

A balloon centerpiece is a cheap and easy way to decorate your table.   There are lots of colors and shapes to choose from. You can buy them pre-printed with sayings or pictures on them, or even customize your own.  They can be made quickly, too, so if you’re too busy to design an elaborate centerpiece for your table, balloons are a great alternative.

A balloon centerpiece will work for all types of celebrations.  They can be used for birthday, anniversary, wedding, holiday, baby and wedding showers, or just about any other occasion. Simply choose a fun color or a cute design and your half way done!

Latex and Mylar are the two types of material that a party balloon is made of. You can blow them up yourself or use a balloon pump (much easier, especially if you’re blowing up a lot!).  You can also fill them with helium.  Small helium canisters are available for purchase in party supply sections of many stores.  You can purchase them already filled with air or helium, but if you do, be careful not to buy them too early or they may deflate before your party.

Consider this Helium Tank Each if you need to fill quite a few balloons.

Helium Tank Each

Helium Filled Balloon Centerpiece

A popular centerpiece idea is to attach several helium filled balloons to a cute balloon weight.  Then simply place them on your tables.  These specialty weights are just heavy objects, usually wrapped or decorated in a foil or some other material, and are designed to hold the balloons in place.  The balloons then float above the table.  You can also use a cute stuffed animal or any object you want to hold them in place. Be sure whatever you use is heavy enough to hold the number of balloons you are using.  Test it out beforehand…you certainly don’t want your centerpiece floating away on the day of your event!

Check out these Foil Balloon Weights Light Blue Pkg/6 here.

Foil Balloon Weights Light Blue Pkg/6

Here's an adorable Baby Shoes Photo Balloon Holder Each. Perfect for a baby shower.

Baby Shoes Photo Balloon Holder Each

How cute is this Cowboy Boots Photo Balloon Holder Each? Perfect for a western themed birthday party or wedding.

Cowboy Boots Photo Balloon Holder Each

This Football Photo Balloon Holder Each would be great for a Super Bowl party, graduation for a football player, or a sports themed birthday party.

Football Photo Balloon Holder Each

Balloon Bouquet Idea

If you don’t want to use helium filled balloons you will need to find another way to keep them afloat.  One way is to attach them to sticks and then gather all the sticks together, alternating the heights, to form a balloon bouquet.  Then secure the sticks together by tying them with ribbon or wrapping the sticks in floral tape.  Once this is done, simply insert them into a vase or container to complete your centerpiece.

You can purchase these Balloon Sticks White Pkg/100 to use with your balloons. (NOTE: Be sure to order the balloon holders along with the sticks)

Balloon Sticks White Pkg/100

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