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Beach wedding centerpieces are typically less formal due to the casual, relaxed nature of the beach setting. Blue waters, sandy beaches, and gorgeous sunsets provide the backdrop for your ceremony or reception and a beach wedding centerpiece should reflect that.

Simple arrangements of tropical flowers in glass vases are always appropriate. This super cute arrangement consists of various antique bottles, filled with an array of tropical and garden flowers, and placed inside a weathered wood planter box. This cute arrangement would work well for an outdoor or backyard wedding, too.

You have many options for a beach wedding centerpiece. Some include flowers and others don't, but all of these are simple and inexpensive to make.

Nautical Theme

A blue and white nautical theme would be fitting, especially if you are having a reception near a marina filled with impressive yachts or boats. Wrap rope around glass jars for candle holders. Use rope or natural string to tie around napkins and then embellish them with small anchors or lighthouses in place of napkin rings. Place a white or natural colored fabric runner down length of table.  Flowers could be added to glass vases filled with blue or clear stones, or fill them with sand and lay seashells or a starfish on top.

Add a little sparkle and shine with a touch of whimsy with these cute placecard holders:

Shining Sails Silver Placecard Holders Pkg/4

Shining Sails Silver Placecard Holders Pkg/4

I love these adorable frames.  Use them as a cute favor, or turn them into a fun napkin ring by tying a white cord around napkin and through the side of frame.

Nautical Lifesaver Frame

Nautical Lifesaver Frame

These wonderful Adirondack Chair Frame Placecard Holder Pkg/4 make the perfect placecard holder for a beach wedding and serve double duty as a photo frame the guests can take home. Love it!

Adirondack Chair Frame Placecard Holder Pkg/4

Seashell Beach Wedding Centerpiece

A seashell centerpiece can be made very simply and inexpensively by arranging the shells around the length of the table for banquet tables, or in the center of a round table. Vary the sizes of the shells.  You can also add a starfish, sand dollars, or other beach-y items, if desired.  Surround shells with votive candles to provide a wonderful glow to the table. Insert a few tropical flower stems tucked here and there to complete the look.

These super cute Shells By The Sea Authentis Shell Holder Pkg/6 will look great with the the seashell table theme.

Shells By The Sea Authentis Shell Holder Pkg/6

Sticking with the sea shell theme, here's a really cute Seaside Jewels Cake Top Each. The perfect wedding cake accessory for a beach wedding.

Seaside Jewels Cake Top Each

Glass Candle

Use a small fish bowl or even Mason jars to create a beach wedding centerpiece on the cheap. Fill them with sand, candles, or fresh flowers.  Scatter a few seashells around the table to tie it into the beach theme and you've got a really simple do-it-yourself centerpiece.

Here's a nice assortment that you can use in a variety of your wedding decorations:

Assorted Sea Shells Per Lb Assorted Sea Shells Per Lb

Driftwood Ideas

A simple piece of driftwood can be turned into a beach wedding centerpiece. Attach pretty shells, pearls, beads, or starfish to them. You can also securely attach candle cups to it, or place votive candle holders around it for that extra warm glow. The driftwood, shells, and other beach-y items can usually be purchased at craft stores that carry silk or dried flowers. If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean and want to use found driftwood that's okay, however, you will want to be sure to properly treat it to avoid any creepy crawlies from invading your table!

Fresh Painted Jars

For a fresh look, paint different types of bottles or jars in a soft shade of blue, white, or any other color you choose. (Hint: Use a glue gun to create a heart shape or to write a saying on bottles and jars, before painting for a more personalized look). Vary the heights as you place them down the length of the table. If using round tables, simply group several together in the center. Place flowers inside each bottle or jar. Different colors can be used for a casual look. Use the same color for a cleaner contemporary look. You can also achieve different looks by choosing the right bottle shape. Use round containers to create a casual look and square or straight sided jars for a more contemporary feel.

Candle Mirror

Candles placed on mirrors are another great way to create an easy  beach wedding centerpiece. Use clear glass holders for candles and add some color by choosing candles in your wedding colors. Place a couple shells or starfish on the mirror as well, if desired. The reflection off the mirror provides interest and a soft glow from the candles. See more candle centerpiece ideas.

Monochromatic Look

For a beautiful monochromatic look, mix taupe, ivory, and white candles with white or neutral textured linens. A burlap runner would be pretty as well. Add white or ivory flowers, or tropical greenery, tightly placed in small silver containers for a clean, sophisticated look.

Burlap 20 Yards

Burlap 20 Yards

Consider Groupon Getaways for your honeymoon!

Beach Wedding Balloons

Wedding balloons are a very popular and an inexpensive way to decorate for your wedding.  Use them to make centerpieces, arches, and more.  Check out some of our wedding balloon ideas.

Simple Centerpiece for a Shower

My nephew and his fiancee decided to have a beach wedding. A few days before the wedding we planned a shower for the bride.  On the day of the shower, the groom's mother asked me if I would make a few centerpieces for the shower. She then proceeded to hand me a small bouquet of yellow flowers.  I was staying in a beach house and had no idea how I was going to create centerpieces without "my supplies" that were now 2500 miles away!  So, in desperation I looked in the kitchen cabinets, grabbed a few water glasses, found some leftover tissue & ribbon from the gifts we had wrapped, seperated the flower... & voila!  This photo shows one of the actual centerpieces from the shower.  

To create this simple centerpiece just wrap a glass, vase, jar, or any other type of container, with a cute patterned tissue paper. Secure with ribbon and tie into a bow. Add water and fresh flowers and that's it!

Think of all the different looks you can create with so many patterns of tissue paper available!

This idea works great for a small backyard wedding, a baby shower, or even a birthday party centerpiece, too.

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MY M&Ms; Wedding Packs with Personalized M&Ms;

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