Coolest Birthday Decorations

There are lots of birthday decorations and party ideas out there, but we break it all down for you with lots of how-to’s and photos for different milestone years, as well as ideas for many  popular party themes.  Of course you will also need party supplies. So, we've got that, too! Find plenty of ideas and instructions for items that include invitations, party favors, plates & napkins, birthday cakes and cupcake ideas, and of course party balloons.  

With ideas for DIY birthday decorations and ideas for making homemade invitations, you can still have a fabulous party and keep more money in your party bank!

How To Build Your Party 
From the Table Up!

I have found the best way to decorate for any party is to start with a theme and color selection.  Then, think of it as if you’re building a house.  The foundation is your tablecloth.  Next, add napkins, plates, and cups. Think of them as picking the wall colors or patterns for the rooms in your house.  Then, check for proper lighting, either overhead, from candlelight or some other source. The centerpiece is like the roof of your party house… or the crowning touch!  It should be the appropriate size for the table and go well with the overall colors and theme.  Anything else added at this point will provide that little extra pizzazz!  For example, you could add wall, hanging, or yard decorations. 

Since the main focus is usually on the table, don’t forget that many food items can be artfully arranged to become a part of the decor, too!  Find more information about how to make edible centerpieces. Use the ideas shown there to create a delicious sweets table, or fun dessert buffet.

Finally, add separate tables for the gifts and favors.  Display them attractively and they, too, add to the fun and exciting party atmosphere.

Celebrating Milestone Years

The year being celebrated is the primary theme represented in your birthday decorations.  The links below will take you to all kinds of ideas, complete with photos and instructions for how to make your own stuff, for specific milestone years:

1st Birthday Party Ideas

Kid Party Ideas

Quinceanera Decorations

Sweet 16 Party Ideas

40th Birthday Ideas

50th Birthday Ideas

60th Birthday Ideas

Balloon Centerpiece

Birthday Party Centerpieces

Party Theme Ideas

Different themed parties are always fun.  If you already have a theme in mind, that’s great!  If you’re still trying to figure one out, consider one of these ideas and create the decorations based on it:

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Go to 40th Birthday Ideas

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