Birthday Party Centerpieces

Birthday party centerpieces can be simple and easy to create. Once you’ve decided on a theme or style for your party then the rest is easy!

If the celebration is for a milestone year such as the first birthday, Quinceanera, Sweet 16, 40th birthday, the big 5-0 birthday, or a 60th then your table decorations will most likely include items reflecting that specific year. Over-the-hill themes are always fun and a popular theme for the "older" folks.

If you are planning a kid’s birthday party, why not consider themed birthday party centerpieces? Perhaps the child has a favorite stuffed animal, cartoon character, or toy. If so, use that as your theme.

Fun Blue Centerpiece for Boy Birthday

Here's a unique and inexpensive birthday party centerpiece idea perfect for a young boy's birthday party that uses miscellaneous balls in various sizes. Follow the easy directions below to make this.

You will need:

glass loaf pan

floral foam brick

shredded paper or basket filler (craft stores)

12" wood skewers (grocery store)

blue spray paint

assorted balls in at least 3 different size

Optional: Blue swirl lollipops


. Gather up different size balls. (Use large play balls, baseballs, squeaky toy balls, golf balls, any kind you can find. The ones shown here include solid colored and marbled soft plastic squeaky toy balls, golf balls, and three 4" foam balls.)

. Use the blue spray paint (you can have more than one shade if you'd like) to paint the balls that aren't already blue.

. Insert 12" wood skewers into some of the balls, where possible.

. Next, insert skewered balls into floral foam, which has been placed inside a glass loaf pan, and then covered up with shredded paper/basket filler.

. Place remaining balls randomly on top of covered foam and around the table.

. If including the swirl lollipops, then add them by inserting directly into foam.

Birthday Lollipop Bouquet

This lollipop bouquet makes a cute and simple birthday party centerpiece. Kids will love "picking" their favorite flavors.

Change the color of the filler, napkin, and pops to suit your party's color scheme.

For complete instructions on how to make this go to lollipop centerpieces. Cake pops, cheesecake pops, brownie bites and other ideas using food for a birthday party centerpiece can be found here at Edible Centerpieces.

Party Centerpiece Using
Blowers & Squawkers

This unique and creative birthday centerpiece features party blowers and squawkers inserted into foam blocks with inexpensive pieces of floral wire.

The colors can be changed to go with whatever color scheme you'd like.

To make this cheap and unique centerpiece for your next birthday party follow the directions below.

You will need:

- 7" block of foam

- 4" block of foam

- Floral wire

- tissue paper (sheets should be large enough to wrap large foam block)

- Colored ribbon (wide curling ribbon works best if you want to have a curly bow on top block)

- Package of party blowers

- Package of party squawkers


1. Wrap large foam block in tissue paper

2. Tape 3 rows of ribbon around large block

3. Wrap small foam block in tissue paper but leave one end open, with excess tissue sticking up (this will be tied with ribbon later)

4. Bend a piece of floral wire in half & insert folded end into blowers. Stick pointed end into large block, where desired.

5. Bend the end of another piece of floral wire to form a hook., insert hook end into blowers and insert into top of small block (in opened tissue end)

6. Cut a few pieces of floral wire in half with wire cutters.

7. Insert half pieces of wire into squawkers and insert into large foam, where desired.

8. Gather tissue on smaller top block and tie with ribbon (3 colors used here)

Optional decoration: Cut out Happy Birthday from a paper plate, or use a cake type decoration to add to large block (Happy Birthday balloons used here)

Stick these on walls for a quick, fun way to decorate for a lollipop theme! Personalized Sugary Sweet Wall Decal Set

Personalized Sugary Sweet Wall Decal Set

For more lollipop centerpieces and decoration ideas go to

Lollipop Centerpieces

Ideas for Kid's
Birthday Party Centerpieces

Just look to the toy box for kids birthday party centerpiece ideas!

For a younger child choose a theme based on their favorite toy or a character that they love. Perhaps it’s a:

  • fire truck or car
  • stuffed animal
  • ladybugs
  • butterflies
  • a doll
  • a favorite book or television character

Incorporate the toy or character into the decorations or make the item itself become the birthday party centerpiece! Buy party supplies featuring favorite characters on paper plates, napkins, balloons, and other party favors.

Once you choose your theme be sure you don’t “over do it” by having everything on the table with the character printed on it! Instead, use solid colors or other patterns that compliment or contrast the chosen theme.

For example, use solid yellow plates with a red fire truck theme or a solid green plastic tablecloth with ladybugs, or gray or purple accents for a pretty pink princess theme.

Note: To prevent fire or burns around kids, use an alternative to candles for your birthday party centerpiece. If the theme calls for extra sparkle or glow, such as a princess themed party, try using battery-operated candles, or something else for sparkle…like glitter, glowing wands or light sticks.

Go here to read about 1st Birthday Party Ideas. Party Supplies at Low Prices

OMG, how cute is this Cake Candelabra With Candles for the top of a birthday cake! I want!

Cake Candelabra With Candles

Light Bites Fork Candle Pkg/12

Light Bites Fork Candle Pkg/12

Mr Turtle Molded #1 Candle

Mr Turtle Molded #1 Candle

I love the colors in this Sweet At One - Girl Molded Candle!

Sweet At One - Girl Molded Candle

Pooh #1 Candle. Who doesn't love this little guy?

Pooh #1 Candle

Fortune Cookie Favors Over The Hill

Fortune Cookie Favors Over The Hill

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