Blue Centerpieces
For Baby Boy Shower

Blue centerpieces are perfect for a boy baby shower.  Blue is the most common color for baby boy shower themes, but don’t feel you have to limit yourself to only one color!  These ideas work for any color scheme.  You could make the same things here using yellow, green, pink, or even a combination of colors. 

All of these ideas are inexpensive and easy enough for just about anyone to make. If you ever need help, or have a question, just email me using the contact us form.

In addition to your blue centerpieces you may also need invitations, blue paper napkins, baby shower plates, cups, tablecloths and baby party favors which can be purchased at many local party or grocery stores.  Or, just scroll down to bottom of this page to check out some items I found for these unbelievably cute paper straws.

Oh my, I must get myself some of these!  These would make me happy any day, not just for a baby shower:

Chevron Paper Straws Turquoise Pkg/25

Chevron Paper Straws Turquoise Pkg/25

Tree Branch Centerpiece

Create a blue wonderland that's perfect for celebrating that new baby boy! Here's how:

  •  Line glass vase with a blue napkin and insert a natural tree branch (never throw those trimmings away!). Secure with sand or pebbles, if necessary.You can also spray paint branch, if desired.
  •  Hang a variety of plastic baby shower favors onto tree branch. I used plastic diaper pins and plastic blue pacifiers tied onto branches with ribbon.
  •  Different shades of blue/clear polished stones  and a few plastic baby rattle favors are scattered around base of vase on center of table.
  •  Small bunch of white flowers, tied with a ribbon, were laid on one side of table.
  •  Plate displays mini muffins containing a small decorative plastic teddy bear pick on top of each.
  • Blue napkins, white chair covers with blue ribbon accent, and floating candles round out this setting.

Easy Takeout Centerpiece

This has to be one of the easiest and cheapest blue centerpiece ideas out there...and yet it's so cute!

You will need:

- 1 or more takeout containers

- Blue paper napkins

- A few rubber bands


. Fold in the top flaps on the takeout container and put aside.

. To make "flowers" take a blue paper napkin and open it up. Once open, grab from center point and gather the rest of napkin up. Secure it with rubber band about half way down and slightly twist the unopened end forming a bit of a flower "stem".

.Using scissors, cut straight across the top of the napkin ends to remove the points. Fluff slightly to "open petals".

.Continue making the blue paper flowers until you have at least 5, 7 or 9, depending on size of container and amount of fullness you want.

.Once all flowers are complete, use another rubber band to bunch them into a "bouquet" and place inside the takeout container.

That's it! Simple, huh?

Additional containers of flowers can be made to place down the center of longer tables. You can also add embellishments such as a ribbon bow around the container, a floral pick (like the "Congratulations" one shown here), or try placing items around the centerpiece such as candy, confetti, or candles. Personalize it anyway you'd like.

Here's a favor box you can purchase to make this cute blue centerpiece:

Favor Box Royal Blue

Favor Box Royal Blue

Simple, Tall, Blue...Beautiful!

I saw these in a furniture store recently and fell in love with them! Long stemmed blue daisies in a tall clear vase...this is simplicity at it's finest.

This would be great for a baby boy shower centerpiece. A ribbon bow could be added for an extra touch, if desired.

This blue centerpiece could also be used for a backyard wedding , or as part of birthday decorations. I spotted this cute arrangement at a little local shop during a brief trip to California. Unfortunately, I don't recall the name of it as it was one of those quick in-and-out things where I had to kill a few minutes before a meeting. However, I've seen similar silk flowers at national chain stores such as Pier 1 Imports, Michael's craft stores, and Cost Plus World Market. They should be easy to find, especially in the spring.

Bouncing Baby Boy

Welcome the new baby boy with this cute blue centerpiece made from various balls and round shaped items. This also works using other colors, such as pink for a baby girl centerpiece.

Here's how to make it:

- Gather up different sized balls such as golf balls, squeaky toy balls, Styrofoam balls, rubber balls...or any other ones you can find. For a large table, consider a child's playground ball for a more dramatic look!

- If possible, purchase balls in blue color. Otherwise, use a spray paint (that is made for plastics) to paint them blue. Use a couple different shades for visual interest.

- Insert 12 inch bamboo skewers, or lollipop sticks into some of the balls (squeaky balls usually work best for this)and insert into a foam block that has been covered with paper shreds. You could also had a few big swirl lollipops in shades of blue and white for an extra treat!

A Few More Quick
Centerpiece Ideas!


Fill a few baby bottles with blue and white candies (see candy shown below). Tie a cute ribbon around the top of each one. Line them up down center of a long table, or group in center of a round table. For rooms with tall ceilings you can add helium balloons to it for extra height. 

Evenflo Classic Sensitive Response Glass Nurser Model: 1010314 - 8 Oz Bottle 3/Pack

Evenflo Classic Sensitive Response Glass Nurser  Model: 1010314 - 8 Oz Bottle  3/Pack


Use a blue napkin to line inside of a glass vase. Add a bunch of silk flowers to it. Tie ribbon around vase. The blue color of the napkin will show through the glass. White or yellow flowers would look pretty!


Purchase several plastic favor type pacifiers, or rattles. Scatter them around 3 tall glass candle holders in varied heights, that have been placed in center of table.  Use blue pillar candles inside the holders, or whatever color you choose to go with the shower theme.

Blue Crystal Pacifier Favors Pkg/4

Blue Crystal Pacifier Favors Pkg/4


No need to purchase an expensive floral arrangement! If you have a silk greenery basket, just add a small silk flower bunch to it. Insert it into existing foam to secure. This will give you a larger, more impressive looking arrangement. Spread flowers out so they aren't all clumped together. You could also add a decorative floral pick to it with a saying on it, such as "Congratulations" or "It's A Boy". A simple blue ribbon bow would also add a nice touch.


Purchase an inexpensive bouquet of bright colored flowers and insert the vase into a cute blue or patterned baby shower gift bag.  Instant blue centerpiece for the shower! 

Creative Baby Shower Food Ideas

Consider a blue centerpiece your guests can eat! Try one of these:

• Baby shower cakes (perhaps cake pops…or a cake made out of rice crispy treats!)

• Baby shower cupcakes (make a blue cupcake bouquet!)

• Baby shower cookies (more fun when served on a stick!)

You’d be surprised how a little bit of food coloring added to a mix or frosting can turn cake pops, rice crispy treats, cookies on a stick, and other food items into yummy edible centerpieces , like these cupcake bouquets. Sprinkle blue colored sugars on top to bring extra sparkle to your baby shower table!

These are such cute baby shower cookies! Perfect for serving on a plate, wrapping individually and giving out as a sweet favor, or attaching to a lollipop stick with a dab of cookie icing and creating a lollipop centerpiece out of them:

Boy Baby Shower Decorated Cookies Asst Pkg/4

Boy Baby Shower Decorated Cookies Asst Pkg/4

 Gift Ideas for Baby...

Make a diaper cake! Here are easy to follow directions. Buy a package of diapers, build a “cake”, decorate it with a few blue baby toys and it'll serve double “dooty” (sorry, I couldn’t resist) as a gift AND as an adorable blue centerpiece.

Baby gift baskets are also cute to give. Fill a basket with a variety of baby toys or make a practical gift basket by filling it with safety and first aid items (which is what I always like to give). Include items such as cabinet safety latches, infant pain reliever, teething gel , electrical outlet covers, first aid or diaper rash creams, cute protective bathtub faucet covers or anything else you feel a new mom may not think about (until something happens or she has a sick infant)!

Turn your baby gift basket into a blue centerpiece by adding a few blue toys on top, pretty blue tissue or ribbon, or paint the basket blue!

Every new mom should have these pain reliever drops on hand for that unexpected middle of the night fever or teething pain:

Motrin Infants Oral Suspension Berry Drops Dye-Free - 1 oz

Motrin Infants Oral Suspension Berry Drops  Dye-Free - 1 oz

 Or, consider these unique gift products...

This is a great book to give to a new parent!  What fun:

Baby Owner's Games and Activities Book

Baby Owner's Games and Activities Book

You gotta love technology! How great would it be to have this to keep an eye on junior:

Withings Smart Baby Monitor for iPhone

Withings Smart Baby Monitor for iPhone

I don't know about you, but staring at this for a while kept me quiet!  Imagine how fascinated baby will be:

NogginStik Baby Rattle

NogginStik Baby Rattle

Cute Baby Shower Items:

A great shower favor idea! Baby Boy Personalized Photo Candy Bar Personalized Candy Bar With Wrapper

Baby Boy Personalized Photo Candy Bar Personalized Candy Bar With Wrapper

Multi Color Pacifier Candy

Multi Color Pacifier Candy

Love the little footprint on these Plaid Baby Boy Value 9" Plates Pkg/8

Plaid Baby Boy Value 9

Hanging Tissue Poms Pkg/8

Hanging Tissue Poms Pkg/8

How cute are these? Wild Safari Blue Lunch Plates Pkg/8

Wild Safari Blue Lunch Plates Pkg/8

Baby Rattle Favors Assorted Pkg/8

< Baby Rattle Favors Assorted Pkg/8

Boy Baby Carriage Standee

Boy Baby Carriage Standee

Baby Boy Blend

Baby Boy Blend

Learn How To Make A Diaper Cake

Pink Centerpieces for girl baby shower

Yellow Rubber Duck Centerpieces

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