Brownie Bites
Gooey Chewy Goodness
...On a Stick!

Who doesn’t love brownie bites? I think they are one of my favorite desserts…all gooey and chewy…Yum!

With regular size brownies it’s hard to prevent yourself from eating the whole pan! Bite size pieces are a better way to get all that same goodness in a portion-controlled serving. They also make it much easier for your guests at a party to eat without the mess.

With a few simple items you can turn these chocolaty chunks into bite-sized edible arrangements for a centerpiece that people will love...AND you won’t blow your whole diet! (Unless you decide to dunk them into a nice little ice cream “dip”… oooooo…that would be sooo good!)

Heart Pops

Here is my version of heart shaped brownies turned into an edible centerpiece!  I simply placed a piece of foam in bottom of a small metal bucket, covered with paper shreds and inserted brownie pops into it... Ta-Da!

Here's instructions...

on how to make this delicious edible centerpiece:

Start with a pan of brownies, any kind, made according to directions. While the brownies are still a bit warm, use a cookie cutter (heart used here) to create shapes in the brownies.  Do not separate yet!!  Wait until brownies are cooled before taking apart.  The reason for this is that it's easier to cut through the "crust" and it allows faster cooling when cutting while warm.  But, if you try to take apart at this point they will be pretty gooey.  Allow brownies to finish cooling before proceeding.

Once cooled, use a knife to finish cutting around shapes. (HINT:  A plastic knife is the best for cutting brownies.  For some reason brownies don't seem to stick to the plastic like they do with a metal knife.  I keep a cheap plastic knife I got in a picnic set for this purpose)

SAVE THE SCRAPS!  I took the hard edges off (& ate them - yum! The edges are like the "filet" of the brownies!) and rolled the "scraps" into balls.  Then, put them on a toothpick or a stick to serve.  You could also roll the balls in powdered sugar and serve them on a tray.  Don't ever let brownie scraps go to waste!! Who does that?? 

Here's what the brownies looked like after I finished cutting them out and inserting lollipop stick into hearts and toothpicks into balls. 

When you insert the lollipop sticks its best to do it while the brownie is sitting on the cutting board.  Then, while gently placing your hand on top of brownie, carefully insert stick from bottom of heart .  Once done, you can use your hand to gently reshape brownie, if necessary.  I had no problems with my brownies staying on the sticks.  If you do, simply add a dab of cookie icing or melted chocolate to stick.  It will help to hold brownie onto stick.

I wrapped each brownie in plastic wrap and twisted around stick.  This will help keep your brownie bite centerpiece fresh and prevent them from becoming hard as bricks! The plastic wrap will also securely keep your brownie from falling off the stick.

Brownie Bites In A Mug

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...or bake, stick, serve...

You will need:

. Brownies

. Lollipop sticks, bamboo skewers, or wood craft sticks

. Container to hold your arrangement, lined with a piece of foam to hold arrangement.

. Melted candy coating, or squeeze packet of cookie icing (optional)to help secure brownie bites onto sticks.

To make a delicious arrangement out of these decadent little morsels start with a pan of brownies that have been cut into approximately 1” squares. If you’d prefer them a bit bigger, make them into a two-bite size.

If you’re pressed for time, consider purchasing brownie bites. Most grocery store chains carry them in their bakery section.

Next, insert stick/skewer into the piece of foam (without the brownies on them), or use an apple.  That's what I used for this one. It worked great!

Now, carefully push a brownie piece onto each stick/skewer. You may add other items to your arrangement as well, such as the gum drops shown in photo. If brownies are sliding or not staying on stick very well, then dip the stick into melted candy coating first, or squeeze a dab of cookie icing onto back of brownie before inserting stick.

Want to decorate your chocolaty creation? Pipe a small rosette, flower, or other design onto each one using a bit of frosting. Do this after you’ve positioned them into your arrangement.

You can also spell out a word by putting one letter on each brownie bite.  Or, simply dust them with powdered sugar.

Plain or decorated…this arrangement will disappear quickly from your table!

More Brownie Bite Suggestions...

  1. Place brownie bites on lollipop sticks, into a vase, jar, or glass without the foam. Then tie a bow around it to make a beautiful, yet edible centerpiece for your table.
  2. To display without a container, insert sticks directly into a piece of foam. Then, cover foam with decorative paper or foil shreds to hide it. Or, wrap the foam in gift wrap that reflects the theme of your party or event.
  3. Sprinkle colored sugars on top of batter before baking for a fun sparkling effect - perfect finger food for a Princess themed party!


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