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Candy centerpieces are always a big hit at a party! They look great and guests enjoy the interactive fun they provide. Whether you are making one for a birthday party or a wedding reception candy buffet, your guest will enjoy picking their favorites from the selection of different candies. If they’re anything like me… they’re ALL favorites!

You can arrange an entire table of sweets set up as a buffet, or just have one single item, such as a chocolate tree.

A few jars grouped together and filled with different candies makes a cute “mini buffet" for smaller events.

Maybe you're even disciplined enough to have one displayed on your everyday table. Personally, I think I'd eat it all and have empty jars sitting on my table! But wait...empty jars can be pretty, too!

Enjoy thinking of creative ways to display your sweet treats. Using a variety of containers makes it more fun and interesting. Try standing some up in tall glasses, scatter some directly on the table, fill a bowl, have some wrapped and some unwrapped with mini spoons or scoops to serve, arrange some on a tray or plate. Be creative and make it fun!

Candy centerpieces look amazing when done in one or two colors. Try creating one using the chosen colors for your wedding. How about all pink or all blue for a baby shower?Or mix a bunch of colors for a fun party idea.

No matter what candies or colors you choose, you can’t go wrong with these simple and fun ideas for your table!

Enjoy! (Don't worry about the calories...it'll be worth the fun!)

Sweet & Salty Buffet Idea

Mixing up your candy centerpieces on a dessert buffet with some non-sugar food items is a good idea. Try these chocolate dipped pretzel rods. They're still sweet, but the salt gives the taste buds a nice break. Then guests can go back for some fun gummy skewers, as displayed here in cute buckets! Use apples, or some other fruit, to insert identifying signs for each item. Don't forget the classic rice crispy treats! Wrap a ball of them around a stick for an easy to eat pop. You can find lots more rice crispy treat ideas here.

Here is a close up view of the gummy skewers... These were all part of the dessert buffet at my son's wedding reception. They are so easy to make! Simply buy cute shaped gummy type candies from a specialty candy store or online and then insert them onto a skewer.

These gummy skewers were made out of flower shaped gummies and then topped off with a gummy butterfly. (This little butterfly had kind of a floppy wing, but still tasted great!).

Use any kind of gummy you want, such as gummy bears, which are available at most grocery and drug stores.  It would be just as cute.

Chocolate Candy Bouquet

Turn your favorite chocolates into a delicious candy centerpiece by skewering them on a stick for easy pop-in-your-mouth bites of goodness!

- Insert a skewer into each chocolate. Chocolates with a softer center will work better(pecan turtles shown here). You can mix different chocolates or use all the same kind.

- Use a piece of foam placed inside jar or container to secure the skewers into place. Arrange the skewers into a bouquet working from the center going out to the edges.

- Cover up jar or container, if desired, by centering it onto a few sheets of tissue paper and pulling it up around the container. Secure it at top with a ribbon or piece of string.

Flowers & Chocolates

This cute candy centerpiece would be great for a birthday party, baby shower, or Easter. I found these sparkly foam flowers on sticks at the dollar store, but it would be simple to make your own.  Stick the flowers into a vase containing basket shreds topped with candy.  Here I used chocolate eggs, but any kind of candy will look good. Tie the colors in with the colors of party theme.

Candy Bar Mini Buffet

Who doesn't enjoy a yummy chocolate bar or two?

This chocolate bar idea consists of individually wrapped fun size candy bars that have been arranged into assorted glass vases and bowls. You also see unwrapped chocolate candies that were added to tie in all the colors of the wrapped chocolate bars.

Sweet Table

•Place a Styrofoam cone on platter. Using toothpicks, stick gummy Life Savers into it. Fill in where needed.

•Scatter a few different candies on table and on tray.

•Place various hard and soft candies in different glass vases, jars, or glasses. Vary the heights.

•Place additional items in glass bowls. Baskets, tins and other items also work, but I think it's more fun to be able to see the different candies and their colors!

This Candy Buffet Clear Container Set Set/3 is a must have for any candy buffet!

Candy Buffet Clear Container Set Set/3

David Tutera Candy Scoop Set Pkg/4

David Tutera Candy Scoop Set Pkg/4

Don't forget to include a container of these in your candy buffet! Bubble Gum Balls Container

Bubble Gum Balls Container

Fill up a bowl and allow guests to help themselves to a Candy Necklace

Candy Necklace

How cool is this? Make your own gummy or chocolate bears for your candy buffet! Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray

Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray

Send a Sweet Message in a Bottle with Personalized M&M's

Send a Sweet Message in a Bottle with Personalized M&M's

Give something sweet and personal by sending a message in a bottle! An elegant display for your personalized M&M'sthat they'll be sure to treasure. The bottle comes pre-filled with 6oz. of candy plus two additional 7oz. bags. featuring a personalized blend with your own faces, messages, and clip-art!


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