Cheesecake Pops Make A Tasty Centerpiece Idea

Who can resist cheesecake pops? Rich creamy cheesecake with a graham cracker crust shaped into balls and dipped in chocolate…are you drooling yet? Now let’s go crazy and make it into a centerpiece by combining it with wedges of cheesecake on a stick! Oh my gosh…hold me back! How delicious!

The idea of making pops out of cheesecake or putting slices of cheesecake on a stick may not be super original, but with a bit of creativity you can turn them into an original edible work of art for your table. The best part is there are no plates or forks to wash!

Make one of these unique centerpieces instead of flowers, for a baby shower, wedding shower, or a birthday. There are many occasions this idea can be used for. Decorate the container in whatever color works best for your party.

Make this cute pink centerpiece idea
using cheesecake pops and wedges...

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2 small cheesecakes, frozen

1 bag Semi-sweet chocolate chips

1-2 T vegetable shortening

Additional toppings, if desired (nuts, toffee, sprinkles, etc)

Wooden craft sticks (enough for each wedge)

Bamboo skewers, or lollipop sticks (enough for each pop)

4” round paper doilies

Container fitted with a piece of floral foam

Tissue paper and ribbon, in color of your choice

Paper shreds

Preparing the cheesecake pops and wedges...

If you’ve ever made cake pops then you can make cheesecake pops. There are a few differences, but the concept is the same.

Start by cutting one of the cheesecakes into wedges. Then, carefully insert a wooden craft stick into the wide end of each piece. Place on parchment paper lined cookie sheet and place in freezer.

Next, take the second cheesecake and cut into bite size pieces. (Note: you may leave the pieces in small squares at this point, or continue with the instructions for forming them into balls.)

To make the cheesecake balls use a very small ice cream scoop and quickly press each piece into the scoop to form a ball. You can form them with your hands, although too much handling will make it too soft and they will start to stick to your hands. Place the balls, or squares, on cookie sheet with the wedges. Once you’ve completed making all the balls place the cookie sheet into freezer for at least an hour.

After you’ve chilled the cheesecake for a sufficient amount of time, begin to prepare chocolate for dipping. Add one tablespoon of the shortening to a microwavable bowl containing the chocolate chips. Microwave for 1 minute and stir. If necessary, continue melting for 30 second intervals until smooth and creamy enough for dipping. If too thick, add the second tablespoon of shortening.

To cover the cheesecake pops you must first insert a lollipop stick, or bamboo skewer, into each ball. Then, while holding it over the bowl begin to spoon chocolate over it, until completely covered. Allow excess to drip off and then place it back onto cookie sheet. Continue until all the pops have been covered.

Next, follow the same procedure for the wedges, OR simply drizzle some chocolate over the tops of them (as shown in photo above).

If desired, sprinkle any additional toppings on chocolate before it cools.

Place cookie sheet back into freezer until chocolate hardens.

Assembling the cheesecake pop centerpiece...

Secure floral foam inside your chosen container.

Cover foam with recycled paper shreds.

Wrap outside of container in tissue paper, and secure with ribbon.

Using a sharp knife, make a small slit in center of each doily. Then insert the stick of each wedge through it.

Next, insert the pops and wedges securely into floral foam. (You may add a raspberry (pictured), strawberry, marshmallow, or some other type of decoration to the tops of wedges with a toothpick.)

Place arrangement on a paper doily lined platter and use as a centerpiece for your table, or as a beautiful addition to a dessert buffet table. They will disappear quickly!

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