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Cookies-on-a-stick, or cookie pops, placed in a container to form a “bouquet” make fabulously fun, edible centerpieces for your guests to enjoy. They also make wonderful, thoughtful gifts – especially if you make personalized cookies!

To make personalized cookies-on-a-stick for a special occasion or event, decorate them with the variety of cookie decorations available. Cookie icing made specifically for writing on cookies (it hardens, allowing you to wrap or stack the cookies without smearing the icing), sprinkles and sugars in just about every color imaginable, and even fabulous edible pearls – elegant enough for a wedding...are just a few examples.

To make these delectable confections you simply insert a wood craft stick, or a specially made cookie stick, into each ball of dough before baking.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Both types of sticks, wood craft and specialty lollipop/cookie, are sold at most local craft stores. Either stick will work. I feel the wood craft sticks make the cookie pop a bit sturdier, probably a better choice for giving to kids. If the occasion is fancier, like a wedding, I think the cookie sticks look nicer. It’s a personal decision, really.

If using the specialty cookie sticks, I recommend getting the 8" long ones. They give you more flexibility in adjusting the height of your arrangement, and if you need to make them shorter, they’re easy to cut. You should base your decision on what’s the appropriate height and size for your container. Remember, the longer the stick the more top heavy your arrangement will be! 8” cookie sticks seem to be a pretty good standard though.


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A: Yes, you can use store-bought cookies to make your cookies-on-a-stick, if you don't have time to bake your own.

(Or if you just don’t want to...hey, we can’t all be Suzy Homemaker.)

For you, I recommend purchasing some good looking and preferably good TASTING bakery made cookies - but not too large! Big ones may be too heavy to stay on stick.

Since you won't be able to insert the stick into an already baked cookie without it crumbling, you will need to secure it to the back of the cookie. Using cookie icing or melted candy melts as your glue, attach stick by applying a small line of cookie icing or melted candy melts to the backside of the cookie and secure it by pressing it gently together. Let cool/harden for a few minutes before using in your arrangement.

See photo of completed one here being used as a Thanksgiving centerpiece and holiday dessert table idea.


A: Once the cookies are decorated you have to decide whether you want to display them as is, or wrap them in individual lollipop/cookie pop bags (available at most craft stores). I prefer to wrap them. I think most people feel better about individually wrapped food items…and my daughter, who recently got her food handler’s license, would probably agree! It also makes it nice if someone wants to take one home to eat later.

The food-grade clear plastic wrappers also give the option to add a decoration suitable for your event. For example, add a cute sticker or fancy label onto the bag, possibly eliminating the need to have to decorate the cookies themselves. This makes it especially nice for the “decorating- challenged” folks out there! To seal them up just tie a piece of ribbon or a twist tie to secure the wrapper around the base of the cookie. Some wrappers come with ties already, so check it out before you buy.

Cookie Bouquet Idea
Using Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Who doesn’t love eating a chocolate sandwich cookie? There’s something about these cream-filled confections that brings out the kid in all of us. Do you eat them whole? Perhaps you like to twist them apart...or maybe you’re a dunker…soaking them in milk first.

Why not turn these classic favorites into something really special? Put the cookies on a stick and create a wonderful "bouquet" out of them. Pretty AND delicious!

Simply insert a stick (see helpful tip below) and dip the cookies into chocolate or vanilla candy melts (pure heaven!) Then decorate and arrange them into a “bouquet”.

Before they cool you can sprinkle them with colored sugars for a festive touch. Or, decorate them after they cool with piped icing and candies (…because they don’t have enough sugar!). They can be individually wrapped or left as is.

TIP FOR INSERTING STICK when using purchased sandwich creams:

I prefer to use the cookie sticks when making these, rather than wood craft sticks…but again, it’s personal preference. Dip one end of stick into warm candy melts before inserting it directly into the cream filling of the cookie, or squeeze out some cookie icing onto end of stick. Gently hold the cookie in the center, applying slight pressure to keep it together while you do this. Then, lay it flat on a piece of parchment paper or a cookie sheet for a few minutes until it cool/hardens.

Also, be sure when you dip the cookies that you don't "plunge" it up and down. Instead gently drag it or spoon the candy coating over it.

Instructions For Assembling A Cookie Bouquet

No matter what type of cookies-on-a-stick you use, simply follow these instructions and in no time at all you will build your very own unique and personalized arrangement.


• Container

• Piece of foam, cut to fit your container

• Hot glue, or something to secure foam to inside of container

• About 12 Cookies-on-a-Stick (You may need more or less, depending on the size of your container and the desired fullness of your cookie “bouquet”.)

• A small amount of melted candy coating, or a squeeze packet of cookie icing, to secure stick to cookie.

Cookies-on-a-stick, edible centerpieces, chocolate chip cookies


1) Choose a container suitable to hold the amount of cookie pops you will be using in your arrangement. A small metal bucket always looks cute, or perhaps a coffee can, a flower pot, large mug, or glass jar. Whatever you decide to use, it can be left as is, painted, or covered with cute paper or tissue and then tied around top with ribbon. Be sure it’s tall enough to support the arrangement.

2) Use a bit of hot glue to secure foam to the bottom of container. The foam should not come higher than about ¾ of the way up the side of container, yet should be deep enough to be able to support the cookies.

3) Insert each cookie pop into foam to hold it in place. You may want to adjust the height of each one to give it a “bouquet” appearance, keeping the center cookie as the tallest one in the arrangement.

4) Finish off the look of your cookie arrangement by placing paper shreds or tissue on top of the foam to hide it, if desired.


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