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A cupcake bouquet is a nice alternative to displaying them on a cupcake tree, or stand. Trees and cupcake stands are nice.  But, bouquets take it to a whole new level of coolness. I mean, anyone can stack little cakes onto a cardboard or wire frame, right?

Any occasion would be suitable for a cupcake centerpiece. They are pretty, fun, and delicious! Make one out of mini frosted cupcakes for a kid's birthday party, or a bouquet of red frosted ones for a romantic dinner dessert, or how about one made with blueberry muffins for a brunch? The possibilities are endless!

Making a cupcake bouquet is not too difficult. The size of  cupcakes used does matter, though.  Jumbo cupcakes are very big to work with and unless secured well, are much more likely to fall off the arrangement...that would NOT be cool!

Mini size cupcakes or muffins are easier to work with.  They also can be positioned closer together for a fuller looking bouquet.

Regular size cupcakes work just fine, but consider a few of these tips when using them:

1) Freeze cupcakes first. This keeps frosting from sliding off and makes it a bit more secure on stick.

2) Use minimal amount of frosting to keep extra weight off the arrangement and to avoid excess sliding off as it warms to room temperature.

3) I would keep arrangement refrigerated or frozen until just before party. Cupcakes will thaw quickly and should be fine by the time your guests are ready to eat dessert.

Make The Cute Bouquet Above...
Using Mini Muffins

Here's how to assemble:

I used mini chocolate chip muffins for this arrangement. 

  1. Wrap each muffin in a square of plastic wrap
  2. Insert a stick, or skewer into bottom of each one (I used 12" bamboo skewers for these)
  3. Tie a coordinating ribbon around top of each muffin. Trim off excess plastic as shown here...

Once muffins are wrapped, tied, and secured on sticks, place them inside a vase or container.  You may add a filler to help stabilize them, if desired.  Here, I just added paper shreds, as the fullness of the cupcake bouquet pretty much kept them from moving around.

Once you have them all positioned in vase, you can wrap the vase in a tissue paper and secure with a ribbon that coordinates with your event colors, as shown here...

The finished bouquet is perfect for a birthday party, a bridal shower, or a baby shower...or any occasion!  I added the yellow rubber ducks to this one for a baby boy shower. 

See more yellow rubber duck ideas, blue centerpieces, or baby shower centerpieces.

Build This Cute Cupcake Bouquet!  Here's How...

You will need:

• Cupcakes, purchased or homemade (amount depends on size used, but you will need enough to cover foam base)

• Styrofoam ball (I used a 4” ball for arrangement pictured above)

• Glass vase, or some other type of container

• Tissue paper, folded into quarters, and folded ends trimmed off

• Vase filler, if using glass container

• Wood craft sticks, enough for each cupcake + one

• Toothpicks, or small bamboo skewers

• Wire cutters

How to assemble:

1) Take tissue paper, with folded ends cut off, and alternate the squares into a pile, as shown.

2) Make small slit in center of tissue and place a wooden craft stick through it, and then insert into center of foam ball. Put aside.

3) Fill vase, or container, with filler. (I used green recycled paper shreds, available at craft stores or where gift wrap is sold. As an alternative, use crumpled tissue paper, marbles, gumballs or anything else you’d like)

4) Next, place foam ball, with tissue and craft stick down, onto top of filled glass vase, or container.

5) While holding the foam securely on top of vase, insert toothpicks, through tissue paper and into foam, along edge of ball and glass.

This will act as a brace to keep it from tipping to one side or the other when adding the cupcakes. After you’ve inserted toothpicks, use wire cutters to clip off excess, leaving just enough sticking out to secure. (An alternative would be to use a hot glue gun to secure the foam to top of vase.)

6) To insert wooden craft sticks, first break them in half, and then start by inserting broken end into top center of foam. Continue inserting sticks around the rest of foam, approximately 2” apart (less if using mini cupcakes.).

7) Now that all sticks are in place, take a cupcake and make a small slit in the center of the bottom of each one. Slide cupcake onto the top center stick, through slit you just made. Continue this procedure until all cupcakes are securely on sticks.

8) If you have “open” spaces, and want to fill them in, use cake pops (as shown in photo at top of page), candies attached to small bamboo skewers or toothpicks, or some type of decorative pick that is appropriate for your occasion.

Pink Cupcake Bouquet Idea

This cute little cupcake bouquet is made from a box of commercially packaged cupcakes, purchased in a grocery store. The ones shown here are strawberry flavored Hostess brand cupcakes. (Great for all you non-bakers and time-impaired!)

This bouquet is very easy to put together. It would make a great pink centerpiece for a baby girl for an easy baby shower centerpiece idea.


- Small metal pail or bucket. Tin cans are another option.

- foam ball to fit inside bucket/can.

- wood craft sticks

- green tissue paper

- box of 8 Hostess brand cupcakes(Edit: Hostess has gone out of business, but any commercially packaged cupcake will work), any flavor (you will only use 7 of them).

- cupcake liners

- OPTIONAL: cupcake decorations (sprinkles, sugars, frosting...)

How to assemble:

(Photo shows top view just before adding cupcake liners and cupcakes.)

1. Insert foam into container.

2. Insert wood craft sticks into foam ball (6 along edges and 1 in center)

3. Unwrap 7 of the cupcakes - SAVING the cardboard that they are sitting on!

4. Trim the small cardboard square into a circle. Cut slit in center and insert partially down each stick.

5. Cut small squares (approximately 3 to 4 inches) from green tissue paper. Hold one corner and twist the bottom about halfway up to form a "leaf". Stuff them in between sticks in foam so that each "leaf" sticks out beyond the edge of your bouquet.

6. Make slit in each cupcake liner with a knife and insert onto sticks, going down to cardboard disc.

7. Carefully place cupcake on each stick.

OPTIONAL: add embellishments with frosting, sprinkles, or whatever you'd like.


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