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Fall wedding centerpieces can be made easily and inexpensively due to the abundance of items available during the fall season. Think of all the wonderful organic items you can use! There are grape vines, tree branches, pumpkins, squash, dried florals, leaves, wheat stalks, berries, fall colored candles, dried indian corn….and more!

Yes, that's me in the photo walking through a corn maze at a pumpkin farm (which is a 4 hour drive from the desert where I live! Oh, what I do for you people...ha!)

Now, let’s take a look at some fall items and I'll show you how you can create the perfect do-it-yourself fall wedding centerpieces on a very small budget.


Flowers will always be the popular choice for fall wedding centerpieces. Florists can...and DO...charge a small fortune if you want them to design, make, and deliver your arrangements for you! You can save a ton of money by making them yourself. Enlist the help of friends and family members and make a fun day out of it! Have all your supplies ready and add snacks and drinks. (Hint: You may want to hold back on any alcoholic beverages until everyone is at least halfway through the project!)

DIY flowers for weddings are becoming more and more common as bride's attempt to control increasing wedding costs. There is also an increased desire to be environmentally sensitive. Many bride's are choosing arrangements that are potted, rather than cut, or are incorporating silk flowers into their wedding decorations. The great thing about using potted flowers, plants, or trees is that after the wedding is over they can be re-planted. What a great way to have a living daily reminder of your special day, and help the environment, too!

If you're going to make your own floral centerpieces consider recycling old pots, vases, or other types of containers. Find them at thrift shops or yard sales. Then give them a fresh look by spray painting them. By using the same color on different containers, you will also unify the look of your tables, making them appear as if they belong together, rather than just a bunch of random containers. Experiment with specialty metallic paints, such as a silver, gold, pewter, or a hammered metal for a great look that goes well with any type of flower. Use inexpensive potted mums (fresh or silk) for a great budget-friendly fall wedding centerpiece.

This arrangement (shown in photo) was given a fresh new look by painting the clay pot in a silver tone. Life-like, silk flowers in warm autumn colors were added to create a simple, yet elegant fall wedding centerpiece.

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Grapevines, or twig garland are beautiful due to their simplicity and earthy feel. They make the perfect addition to a fall wedding centerpiece at a winery, in a beautiful old barn, a backyard wedding, or indoors.

The vines look great when placed down the length of a long table on top of a burlap, or other natural fabric, runner. Add a few candles in glass containers or autumn floral bouquets around and in between the grapevines, and you'll have a beautiful fall wedding centerpiece that is simple, natural and elegant!

Here's a tip: Dried vines are often coiled up in a round shape, like a garden hose, when you purchase them. It's a pain-in-the-you-know-what when you're trying to get them to stay in place and they keep recoiling! To solve this just soak them in the bath tub and then hang them to dry. Attach a small weight to the bottom to keep it from coiling back up. However, be sure it's not so heavy that it completely straightens. You want to keep some curves in it to keep it interesting!

This 15' Twig Garland 1/2" Thick can be used for tables, columns, or wrap in lights for a cool look over head!

15' Twig Garland 1/2

20 Bulb Led 2 Function Lights. No electricty required! Oh, the possibilities!

20 Bulb Led 2 Function Lights


Tree branches:

A tree branch is another natural element that makes a perfect fall wedding centerpiece. If you plan ahead, you may be able to find and use branches that have been trimmed from your's or a neighbor’s tree!

(I always keep branches…you can do some amazing things with them! The photo here shows some that I salvaged from a dead bush...and that's my goldendoodle, Molly, on the other side of the screen door...she would've loved to get her paws on one!)

You can also contact a local landscaper or nursery to see if they would put some aside for you. Don't be afraid to ask! (I'm not shy when it comes to flagging down a landscaper who has a trailer full of potential centerpiece awesomeness!)

To make a tree centerpiece, lay the branches directly down the length of table or place in a container to stand upright. You can spray paint the branches any color you choose, or leave them natural. A tall cylinder vase is perfect for holding the branch, but any container will do. Just be sure it isn’t too top heavy. If it is, fill the container with sand, stones, or something to hold the branch securely. For very large branches you may want to consider placing them in larger, wider planters and pouring cement or plaster of paris inside to secure it.

You can embellish the branches, too! Hang or glue crystals, ornaments, silk fall leaves, flowers, or small votive candle holders for a personal touch. Mini picture frames with photos of the bride and groom would be super cute! (Be sure your venue allows the use of real candles. If not, you can probably substitute them with battery operated flameless candles, or use LED lights.)

Items can be glued on using a hot glue gun or by tying items onto branches with pretty ribbon, ornament hooks, string or whatever you want. If you’re reception is indoors and you have the luxury of pin spot lighting overhead, have the venue adjust lights so they’re angled to spotlight the center of each table. The lights will create a stunning effect with the shadows of the branches being cast onto the table.

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Pumpkin Centerpieces:

If you’re having a fall wedding then you are lucky to be able to include pumpkins and/or squash into your wedding table decorations. Using pumpkins are an inexpensive way to decorate but also beautiful when properly done. The biggest mistake is when someone creates a fall centerpiece that looks too Halloween-ish! Unless you’re getting married on Halloween and that is your intent, then stay away from spiders, black and anything ghoulish. A fall wedding centerpiece using pumpkins can be very elegant or made to feel more natural. The wonderful colors in the many varieties of squash may be exactly the fall color you’re looking! It will also provide a natural, earthy, feeling to your tables.

Here are a few simple ideas for fall wedding centerpieces:

Lay various squash and pumpkins down the length of a long table, or in the center of a round table. Vary the height and size of them to keep things interesting. Light colored linens will put more emphasis on the fall colors of the centerpiece. For an earthier feel, try a burlap or textured runner, or fabric square underneath the arrangement. Wrap rope around glass candle holders for additional texture and to add a warm glow.

Create an elegant fall wedding centerpiece by using natural ivory pumpkins that have been hollowed out and filled with beautiful flowers. Add a few candles to provide just the right glow for a stunning, yet simple fall wedding table. By using rich autumn color linens, such as chocolate brown, you provide a rich backdrop for the white or ivory colored centerpiece.

Another idea using pumpkins is to carefully carve the bride and groom’s initials into the pumpkin. Use a stencil or draw an outline onto the pumpkin first to make it easier. Secure a piece of velum or sheer fabric to the inside of pumpkin with straight pins in front of your carving. This will provide a softer glow and prevents exposing the pumpkin’s stringy insides. Add an LED light or flameless candle inside to show off the carving and provide a nice glow to table. Consider carving at least two sides of the pumpkin so all guests can see, or use a design that wraps around the pumpkin for a beautiful glow on the whole table.

Not into carving pumpkins? Try this idea instead!

Paint pumpkins silver, white, or in your wedding colors.

(Note: I like to use spray paints. I think they're the easiest to work with and there are a ton of colors available. If you don't have an area outside to do it, or just prefer to paint them indoors, then use whatever paints you have and apply with a brush. Don't worry about choosing the wrong color. You can always repaint them, if necessary, to achieve the perfect color for your wedding. Experiment with metallic or glossy paints. Allow them to dry completely before continuing.)

Once dry, decorate each one with inexpensive pearls, rhinestones, beads, or sequins to create a beautiful sparkling arrangement, like the one shown here that is dripping with rhinestones! Use a glue gun or decorative straight pins to attach them to the pumpkin. For an overall glistening frosted look, paint the pumpkin with ModPodge (after painting it the color you want) and then sprinkle epsom salts onto it. Let dry.

Enlist family, friends, or bridal party members to help with the project. You can allow them to create their own unique design, or provide a stencil or pattern for them to follow. Be sure to provide some snacks and beverages for the pumpkin decorating project volunteers!

Wheat Centerpiece

Dried wheat stalks bundled and tied together is another great way to bring a simple, beautiful, natural element to a fall wedding table.

To make, just tie them in the center using pretty colored ribbons...which can be used to bring in some of your wedding colors...or use a natural rope or raffia.

The wheat can also be placed in a vase, laid in a market-type basket or arranged in a metal pail or bucket.

Smaller pieces of wheat make a nice adornment for a menu, or tie a small bunch around a napkin using natural string or ribbon in lieu of napkin rings.

Place 1 or more in the center of round tables, alternating the height, or place several down the length of long tables. Add a runner with some candles for sparkle and you've got an elegant, but natural looking, fall wedding centerpiece.

Fall Wedding Balloon Bouquet

An easy way to decorate for your fall wedding is to use balloons for your centerpieces.  You can also create an arch to walk through out of them, or to put behind the bride and groom's table.  Balloons are also great for savings money allowing you to spend it on other maybe a honeymoon!  Get more info on Wedding Balloons here.

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