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Fruit Centerpieces

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Fruit centerpieces can be elaborate or as simple as filling a bowl, or other container, with fresh fruit. Lemons, limes, oranges, apples, or grapes…they all work and make wonderful arrangements. Mixing different fruits in your arrangement, like lemons with limes, looks great, too.

So what do you put them in? Any container can be used. Perhaps you have a favorite bowl that you love, a wicker basket, wire basket, glass jars, maybe a fun plate, or even a metal bucket. Use what you have.

If you’re planning a party with a theme, such as a beach or tropical theme, then use tropical fruits such as papaya, bananas, pineapples, mango, or coconuts. You'll find other ideas for (non-fruit) tropical centerpieces here. If you want fruit centerpieces for a specific color scheme, such as lemons for yellow, then you would of course use fruits in those colors. However, you could add in a few non-fruit items, within the same color palette, for a unique and creative centerpiece.

More elaborate ideas can include carved fruits, fruit kabobs, or even fruit bouquets. These take a bit more time to create, but most of them are not too difficult.

Go here for step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to carve a cute watermelon basket. From basic to elaborate, these ideas are always a refreshing and fun way to display your fruit, or for serving it at a party. They also make a great hostess gift to bring when you’re invited to someone's home!

Fruit and Candle Centerpiece

candle centerpiece ideas

This is a really pretty summer fruit centerpiece idea. Fill in the space between a pillar candle and the glass of a hurricane candle holder with small fruits such as the key limes and mandarin oranges shown here. Be sure you don't fill too high so you allow enough space for the candle to burn down. This looks so refreshing!

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Nothing Says Fall Like Crisp Apples

Fruit centerpieces for fall would most certainly include an apple centerpiece like this one. It makes me dream of a crisp fall day with the wonderful aroma of apple pie being baked nearby! Mmmm!

•Choose a fall colored tablecloth, perhaps in rust, gold, brown, or muted green tones. Cute rust and cream check shown here.

•This idea uses an apple display rack for some of the apples. A cupcake tree would work just as well.

•Additional apples are placed in a cute painted metal bucket upon natural colored paper shreds.

•A sprig of fall colored berries laid on table next to bucket for additional texture and interest.

•Brown and rust colored napkins, one tied with raffia, are made of a natural heavy cotton fabric.

Apple Candles...
For a Unique Fruit Centerpiece

apple centerpiece and candle centerpiece idea

Here’s another idea for a fruit centerpiece using apples. If you want “natural” looking apples use organic ones. If you prefer shinier apples use regular ones, which typically have food grade wax on them. Any type or color of apple works for this fun candle centerpiece idea. Try green granny smith or golden delicious for a different look!

Easy Instructions:


Apples, tea light candles, sharp knife, spoon, tray or platter to display apples on.

NOTE: Not all apples will stand up perfectly. Find the best spot where the candle will be the most stable and centered. If the apple won’t stand up just lay it on its side, as shown in photo above…it’ll just make it more interesting!

apple centerpiece instruction step 1 STEP 1: Remove tea light candle from its cup. Place cup upside down on top of apple wherever you want the candle to be. Then, trace around cup with a marker or cut directly around it with knife. If your candle cup is clear plastic you may be able to push it slightly into apple to create a cutting line. The metal cups are too flimsy for this and will bend, so you’re better to trace or cut around it.

apple centerpiece instruction step 2 STEP 2: To remove the cut area, first cut an “x” in the center of your circle, and then pop out one of the quarters with a spoon, or your knife.

apple centerpiece instructions step 3 STEP 3: After removing the circle area, begin to scrape it out to make the inside wide enough and deep enough for the candle cup to fit into. You may need to (carefully) trim it wider with your knife.

apple centerpiece instructions step 4 apple centerpiece instructions step 4 STEP 4: Once you’ve removed the excess apple pieces, insert candle cup into the hole. It should fit a bit snuggly. Finally, place them on a tray or pretty platter.

I don’t recommend making these too far in advance. However, if you need to make them earlier in the day, then rub a bit of water mixed with lemon juice on the cut parts to help prevent browning and wrap apple (without candle) in plastic wrap until party time. Then, remove plastic, add candle, place on tray…and light! Be sure to never leave these, or any candle, unattended due to risk of fire.

Here are More Candle Centerpiece Ideas...

Lemon Tree...Oh, So Pretty

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Sunny yellow lemons make great centerpieces for just about any affair! Lemons are one of the more versatile fruits for decorating. They are suitable for decorating a beautiful yellow themed wedding reception table to a simple and fun backyard pool party, as shown here.

•Unique shaped glass bowl holds fresh lemons.

•2 additional glass cylinder containers hold more lemons, adding height to display.

•Serve a nice bottle of sparkling lemonade at your event and the bottle can become part of your table decoration, too! A pretty clear or silver ice bucket could also be added.

•A bit of greenery can be added by laying a lemon tree branch or some other type of leafy branch on table.

•Candles could be added if it is going to be a late afternoon-into evening affair.

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Fruit & Ivy Bowl

Mixing fruit with ivy and other greens makes a really pretty fruit centerpiece.

- Use a pedestal bowl, or compote bowl

- Add a piece of foam inside bowl

- Insert pieces of greenery and wrap ivy around it, mostly covering the foam

- Add pieces of fruit such as apples, grapes, and pears

For a permanent arrangement, use faux fruit, which you can usually find wherever silk greenery is sold.

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