Lollipop Centerpieces
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Lollipop centerpieces are always a favorite with kids, but adults love them, too, because it makes them FEEL like a kid!  They are easy to create and make for a fun conversation piece for the center of your table.

Any type of lollipop can be used to make your centerpiece. Some of the common types are the basic round pops, with or without the chewy-filled center, swirl lollipops, chocolate lollipops or just plain old fashioned suckers. Serve a bouquet of colorful lollipops and you’ll have a room full of sticky faces and huge smiles…guaranteed!

 Ideas for Lollipop Centerpieces....

Safety Suckers:

Make a cute lollipop "tree" centerpiece by using a real tree branch with old fashion safety suckers tied on to the branches with ribbon. Secure the branch in a container or vase.  You may need to weight container down to keep from tipping. 

This makes a great lollipop centerpiece as part of your birthday decorations, or as part of a party game, where the winner gets to "pick" one of the suckers off the tree.  

The safety pops are perfect for this ideas, since they have the closed loop string handle, making it easy to tie them onto branch.  You can order them here:

Saf T Pops Pkg/24

Saf T Pops Pkg/24

Lollipop Tree:

Insert plain small round pops, or chewy-filled center ones, into a cone shaped piece of foam for an instant tree (as shown in photo).

You can add additional candies placed on sticks (like gummies or gum drops) to fill in bare areas, or leave as is. For a party idea, fill in any bare spaces by inserting a stick into foam with curled ribbon attached to it, or use hot glue to attach ribbon directly to cone. Add additional curled ribbon to top of cone or a photo of the birthday girl/boy – cute!

I know a mom who puts one of these on her kitchen table. When her children complete certain tasks (homework, chores…) they are allowed to have one. Kind of like a “reward tree”! When adding the pops to the tree she marks the tip of one of the sticks with a red marker. When that particular one is picked they earn a special time out with mom. Cute concept, I thought.

Swirl Lollipops

Old fashioned swirl pops look so cute in an arrangement. They’re so colorful and swirly and yummy… and they come in many different sizes. Place one large one plus a few smaller ones into a cute vase or jar on the center of your table. Surround them with additional jars/bowls of other kinds of old fashioned candies, if you like. See other candy centerpiece ideas here.

Lollipop Photo Centerpiece

Here is a centerpiece idea that can be used for an anniversary, graduation, birthday, or even a wedding reception candy buffet. First, cut out a  photograph of the happy couple/birthday person/graduate, or whoever party is for.  Or, you can print copies of the photo onto round labels .  Apply label or attach photo to center of a swirly lollipop. Then, insert the lollipop sticks into a piece of floral foam which has been secured into a low vase or bowl. Cover the foam with flowers or greenery pieces that are also stuck into the foam. Add water to keep foam moist if using real flowers or greenery. Lollipops with photos should stick above flowers and greenery.

Another option...replace photo with a number on center of pop.  This makes the arrangement work double duty as a table number and as a centerpiece.

Birthday Lollipop Bouquet

Here is another simple lollipop centerpiece idea that can be used for a birthday party or other occasions. You can easily change it to coordinate with your party's colors and theme.

. Fill glass vase with gift basket paper shreds

. Insert 4-6 toothpicks into 4"foam ball where ball and vase meet, to stabilize ball and keep it from tipping.

. Take a napkin, in color of choice, and arrange it underneath foam ball forming 4 "petals" sticking out from bottom of it.

. Insert small lollipops into foam ball, starting at bottom and working your way to top.

. When finished, insert a 12" bamboo skewer into top of arrangement and attach whatever decoration or saying that applies. Cut down skewer using wire cutters, if necessary.

(Here, I used 2 yellow sticky-type notes attached to each other at opposite ends, wrote Happy Birthday with a marker, and cut into a flower shape. Using a piece of tape, I attached to a small paper doily. The skewer is inserted in the pocket of space created between the 2 sticky notes.)

More ideas for Birthday Decorations.

To make the lollipop centerpiece above I used classic Dum-Dum brand pops.  You can use any kind or brand of pops you want, although round shaped ones will give you the fullest look.  

Charms Blow Pops Assorted Lollipops  #3869 - 100 Lollipops/Box

Charms Blow Pops Assorted Lollipops #3869 - 100 Lollipops/Box

Sweet Charms lollipops with a hard candy shell and a tasty bubblegum center.

Cute Pink Swirl Lollipop Idea

Here is a very simple lollipop centerpiece idea that would be perfect for many kinds of parties. It can be left as is, or decorate it to personalize for your occasion.

To make this cute lollipop decoration all you need is:

Glass loaf pan, 3 (or more) swirl pops, 1 floral foam brick, shredded paper or basket filler

To assemble, simply place foam block inside loaf pan and cover with paper shreds and then insert lollipops into foam.

See this same arrangement decorated for a triplet baby shower.

Bucket of Swirl Pops

This cute metal bucket (which I bought for cheap at IKEA store) is filled with a smaller version of swirl lollipops.  Simply insert them into some foam that is placed inside bucket, cover it up with some shredded paper, and voila!  Instant kids birthday treat, or anytime treat! 

The size of these lollipops are perfect for a kid's birthday party, candy buffet, or anytime you don't want a large one that takes forever to eat!

Click to purchase these Rainbow Swirl Lollipops Pkg/12 Perfect for making a cute centerpiece or to hand out as a sweet favor!

Rainbow Swirl Lollipops Pkg/12

Pastel Lollipops in Crystal Stemware...

Turn an inexpensive bag of pastel suckers into a cute centerpiece for a party!  This is a bag I found at the Dollar Store.  It only contained 15 lollipops in the bag, so I simply filled a crystal wine glass with pink paper shreds and inserted the pops into it.

It looked like this...

If you want to have the lollipops sit higher above the glass, then just add a piece of foam to stick them into. 

Ironically, I used a $110 Baccarat crystal glass here for my $1 bag of pops, ha!  Obviously, I wouldn't do this for young kids. Use any container you want to hold the pops, depending on your party theme and age of guests. Even a glass or plastic cup from the Dollar Store! A smaller arrangement like this also would be cute to have at each place setting.  Or, add more pops to create a bigger lollipop centerpiece.

Chocolate Lollipops

I made these molded star shaped chocolate lollipops as part of my twin daughter's Sweet 16 birthday party. They were a big hit!

. Melt chocolate and pour into candy molds. I used a large star shape here. While still warm, add a lollipop stick into each mold. Chill until firm and then gently remove from molds.

. Wrap each chocolate pop in a food grade plastic treat bag or plastic. Tie with decorative ribbon or secure with tape.

. To make lollipop centerpiece simply insert ends of lollipops into a piece of Styrofoam. I covered this block of foam with aluminum foil. You can use whatever you'd like...wrapping paper, tissue paper...just be sure you can poke the lollipops through it.

You can also write directly on the chocolates with cookie icing. Just be sure to let it harden before sealing in plastic.


Don't want to make your own molded chocolate lollipops? Order these Cutesy Basic Circle Milk Chocolate Lollipops Personalized Milk Chocolate Lollipop to make your lollipop centerpieces.

Cutesy Basic Circle Milk Chocolate Lollipops Personalized Milk Chocolate Lollipop

 Lollipop Hearts Bouquet

Here is an easy lollipop centerpiece to make, which is perfect as part of your Valentines Day decorations. Simply place a foam ball within a metal bucket, available at garden or craft stores. Add lollipops and a pretty ribbon and you're done. Very simple!

Change the type of lollipops used to make it suitable for other occasions.

This is also an easy craft idea for kids to make.

Fun Products For A
 Lollipop Themed Party...

Oh cute are these? Mustache Fun Face Molds

Mustache Fun Face Molds

If you make your own lollipops, you will need these. 4" Lollipop Sticks Pkg/50

4! I know a few people who would go crazy for these! How fun would it be to have a lollipop centerpiece made out of these with a spicy food themed dinner? Sriracha Rooster Sauce Lollipop Four Pack

Sriracha Rooster Sauce Lollipop Four Pack

Very cute for a springtime party! Flower Lollipop Bouquet

Flower Lollipop Bouquet

A must for any cute lollipop party! Sweet Lollipop Invitation

Sweet Lollipop Invitation

Blow Pop Lollipop Set/3. Such a fun decoration for a a candy theme party!

Blow Pop Lollipop Set/3

What a great entrance for guests coming to your sweet candy themed party! Candy Standees Set/4

Candy Standees Set/4

Hang these from ceiling, lay on lawn, or find many other uses for these cute Inflatable Lollipop.

Inflatable Lollipop

Lollipop Lip Gloss. Perfect addition to favor bags.

Lollipop Lip Gloss

Here are more great ideas for edible centerpieces...

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