Rockin' New Years Eve Centerpieces

Make New Years Eve centerpieces for your table that will rock until  midnight with glitz and bling!  A fun sparkly arrangement creates an exciting atmosphere for your guests while they wait for the strike of twelve. Silver, gold, glitter, diamond confetti, mirror balls, candles… any of these will provide your party with that extra punch for bringing in the New Year…in Centerations style!

Break out the champagne and take a look here for some simple and inexpensive ideas...

Sparkling Branch In Snow...

Here are instructions to make this simple and inexpensive centerpiece:

  • Place a silver or glittered floral branch into clear cylinder vase, or other glass container, which has been filled with fake snow.  Shredded paper or tinsel also works.
  • Place a few small silver ornaments around top to help hold branch in position. Add a few larger ornaments directly on table next to vase
  • Tie a silver ribbon around vase

For added glow, include lots of candles in various sizes all around the table.

Silver Ornament Fish Bowl...

This New Years Eve centerpiece can be made quickly, easily and cheaply.  It would also be great for a winter wedding centerpiece.

Here's how to make it:

  • Partially fill a large fish bowl with fake snow or basket shreds
  • Place various sized silver ornaments randomly on top of snow

Include matte and shiny ornaments to provide texture, interest, and sparkle.  For a really neat glow, add a battery operated light underneath the "snow". 

More Ideas for New Years Eve Centerpieces

Here are a few additional ideas for centerpieces that I've brainstormed for you.  Most can be easily put together with minimal skill.

Champagne Candles

Empty champagne bottles (make champagne punch with it!) and insert taper candles into empty, rinsed out bottles.

Sparkling Water Floating Candles

Fill crystal stemware with sparkling water and add floating candles to it.

Rice Crispy Cake

Bake a large round cake, or make one out of rice crispy treats, and decorate it with a clock face showing the time just before the stroke of midnight. Use cookie icing for decorating a rice crispy treat cake or frosting for decorating a regular cake.

Resolution Tree

Secure a tree branch (sprayed in metallic or glitter paint for extra sparkle!) into a container. Have a pen or marker available next to cute note paper for guests to write down resolutions for the New Year. Once written, they can hang them onto the tree with ribbon. You can either read them later and everyone can guess who's it is...or save them for the next year and see if people kept their resolutions! (Plus, it gives you a reason to throw another party!)

Monochromatic Centerpiece

Paint several glass jars or tin cans with spray paint, all in one color. Once dry, add branches or berries in same color tones to each container. Shades of wintery blue, silver, gold, or white would be pretty for a New Year's party.

Color Changing Lights

Place battery-operated color changing LED lights in the bottom of a vase. Cover with clear marbles or stones. These look beautiful at night as the light changes from one color to the next. I found a package of submersible color changing balls at a Wal-Mart store for about $3.00. It has 7 different color options.  It's a cool way to make a unique centerpiece on the cheap!

"Times Square" Ball

1. Insert a wooden dowel, approximately 3 feet long, into a stack of floral foam blocks that have been stacked end-to-end. (Note: You will need to secure it to a wider base, such as a piece of wood, to help stabilize it).

2. Paint or cover the foam. Then, create lines and decorate to show each hour from the starting time of your party at the top until midnight at the bottom.

Decorate any remaining exposed part of the dowel with ribbon, a mylar “spray” (to look like fireworks), tinsel, balloons or metallic pipe cleaners.

3. Next, take a Styrofoam ball (about 4” in diameter & painted or glittered) and insert a wooden craft stick about half way into it. Insert the other half of stick into the clock tower at the top line hour (the start time of your party) and then you or your guests can move the ball down the tower each hour until it reaches the midnight hour.

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