Pink Centerpieces...
Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice!

Pink centerpieces are really popular for a baby girl shower. You might want go with a popular vintage look, a modern look, or an all out ruffles and lace frilly look. Themed baby showers are becoming increasingly popular, too.  It kills me however, to see what people are paying online & elsewhere for baby shower decorations!  Decorate your table inexpensively and creatively by making them yourself.   

Start by looking around your house for anything with pink on it. You may be surprised at what items you can find that could be used for a shower centerpiece or for the decorations.

Look for ribbon, tissue paper, fabric, pillowcases, flowers, balloons, construction paper, empty boxes...all of these items can be used in creative ways to whip up a few cute pink table decorations.  Now look for a container.  Perhaps pretty glassware, a bowl, an old vase, or even tin cans. Fill them with pink flowers or other creative items such as candy, mints, pink rose petals, confetti, pink sand, or stones.  Martini or wine glasses make great floating candle holders, too! Tie a pink ribbon around the stem.

To make all this shower planning stuff easier, I've put together photos and instructions on how to make pink centerpieces, as well as information and links to solve all your baby shower planning needs. 

Pink baby shower food ideas...

For food ideas in your baby shower planning consider a light luncheon of finger sandwiches, nice salads, or a quiche. Serve a freshly made pitcher of strawberry lemonade, or...

Serve refreshing beverages in a canning type jar with a  paper straw.  Here is a great mug that you could use, and I love these pink striped straws: 

16 Ounce Ball Jar Drinking Mug

Striped Paper Straws Pink Pkg/25

Then, place a basket of these individual packets next to the mugs and a pitcher of ice water so guests can whip up their own freshly made glass of lemonade. These also make cute personalized favors:

Baby Girl Shoes Lemonade Personalized Lemondade Drink Mix

Baby Girl Shoes Lemonade Personalized Lemondade Drink Mix

Onto desserts...

Desserts... always the best part...

Do you serve pink cake, pink cupcakes, cookies or some other kind of pink desserts? Try your hand at making a simple cake out of rice crispy treats, cake pops, or how about a fun cupcake bouquet?

Find these and other great ideas at edible centerpieces.

Baby shower games, favors, & more...

Finally, as part of your baby shower planning you have to decide whether or not you want guests to play baby shower games. Although some people may not enjoy playing them, it IS a good way for people to interact until it's time to open gifts.

Check out this baby shower game kit:

Fisher Price Baby, Baby Shower Game Kit

Here's a really cute baby shower favor idea.  Fill cute little candy jars with gumballs, mints, or favorite candy:

Mommy To Be Personalized Candy Jar Personalized Glass Candy Jar

Mommy To Be Personalized Candy Jar Personalized Glass Candy Jar

The minute I saw these adorable glass milk bottles, I fell in love with them! They're sooo cute... & think of all the possibilities!  Use them as favors by filling with candy, add a vintage paper straw for a fun way to serve beverages, or make a beautiful pink centerpiece by adding a single stem flower, such as a pink carnation or rose with some baby's breath, and place them down the length of table.

You could also personalize these bottles by using cute labels, a paint marker or Sharpie.

Fun, fun, fun!

Unimprinted Glass Milk Bottle

Unimprinted Glass Milk Bottle

Ideas For Pink Centerpieces...

Pink Rose Glasses

Gorgeous pink roses will fill a room with their wonderful aroma.  They  make a simple, yet oh, so elegant statement for your baby shower.   Purchase a dozen or so beautiful blooms.  Gentle press open, if necessary.  Cut stems down so that the rose sits in glass with the bloom rising just above the rim.  Scatter a few rose petals, candies, or mints around the base of the glasses, if desired.

Pink Rose Petal Centerpiece

This centerpiece is so easy and it’s very inexpensive to do!

•Lay a tablecloth down first. I chose a purple color to give a little depth and a nice contrast to the arrangement. It also helps to tone down some of the pink.

•This centerpiece merely uses a stack of inexpensive, yet very pretty, black, white, and pink designed paper plates! Add a glass bowl in the center and fill with pink silk rose petals (shown), small candies, or mints.

•Add a fresh or silk flower to each corner of plate.

•Place 4 votive candles around the arrangement.

•Unfold a paper napkin, which has same pattern as the center plates, and use them as a place mat. Place a coordinating solid colored paper plate on top – pink in this case!

•Additional items can be added, such as individually wrapped pieces of candy (pastel marshmallow ropes shown).

•Chairs were covered in white and accented with a decorative ribbon around it, which was taped in place.

Stack 'Em Up!

Pink centerpieces don't have to be complicated to make. Try this easy idea!

•Wrap up a few empty boxes, that are different sizes and shapes, in pretty pink gift wrap and stack them in center of your table. Or, you can place a couple next to a gift bag, that has been stuffed with tissue paper (as shown).

You may need to add additional boxes or use larger ones depending on the size of your table.

•Place a cute pink baby toy on top of the box(es) and a candle on others. Adjust number of toys depending on how many wrapped boxes you are using for your table.

BE CAREFUL with open flames around tissue or other decorations. You may want to consider battery operated LED candles, or flame- less candles!

•Pink recycled paper shreds add interest and a textural layer to base of centerpiece, as well as another shade of pink.

•Adorn gift bags or boxes with pretty pink ribbons or flowers, if desired.

Triplets, Oh My!

What could be sweeter than pink lollipops ...times 3!

This pink centerpiece idea uses swirl pink lollipops inserted into a block of floral foam.

The foam is placed inside a clear glass loaf pan and then covered up with pink recycled paper shreds, or basket filler.

Small paper doilies taped to the back side of lollipop create a baby bonnet look. You could draw a cute baby face, or cut one out of a photo or magazine, instead of the numbers shown here. (My drawing looked a bit creepy, so I went with the numbers!)

This will also work for baby boys, just change the color, or for single babies by making the arrangement without the numbers or faces.

Find additional edible centerpiece ideas including lollipop centerpieces here.

Foam Flowers & Chocolates

This candy centerpiece is a breeze to make!  I found the cute foam flowers at a dollar store, but you could cut your own from a piece of Styrofoam, or find something similar.  The flowers already came on the sticks, so I simply arranged them in a vase filled with recycled pink paper shreds and then placed chocolate eggs on top.  I made this around Easter time, thus the eggs, but use any candy you want.  Pink and white jelly beans would be perfect for a pink centerpiece for a baby shower.

More Quick Centerpiece Ideas...

IDEA #1 Do you have a few square tissue boxes laying around...turn them into baby blocks!

IDEA #2 Fill a pretty pitcher with pink lemonade and add ice cubes that have a strawberry frozen inside them. Place it along side a plate of pink frosted cupcakes...or white frosted, with a pink frilled toothpick, a silk flower or a pink candy heart placed on top. Add a basket of white napkins which have been rolled and tied with a pink ribbon.Simple!

IDEA #3 Do you have a cute gift bag? Pink, patterned, or pastel will work! Place a vase inside it and add a pretty bouquet of flowers, either purchased from the store or from your own garden. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY...just remember to relax and have fun. There is no need to go crazy over your decorations! Use things you already have on hand, but in unique and different ways, and you will quickly see how easy and inexpensive creating a beautiful pink centerpiece can be.

More Super Cute Items For A
Pink Shower...

These super cute Hanging Tissue Poms Pkg/8will look great whether hanging or placed on table.

Hanging Tissue Poms Pkg/8

Pink Bib Invitations Pkg/8

Pink Bib Invitations Pkg/8

You'll find many uses for Favor Box Hot Pink

Favor Box Hot Pink

Centerpiece Idea:  Use these favor boxes to create a cute, simple, inexpensive centerpiece for your shower!  All you need are takeout containers, like these, and paper napkins.  To see what it looks like in blue go here Blue Centerpieces.

Classic Pink Paper Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Classic Pink Paper Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Pink Wild Safari Deluxe Kit N Kaboodle Wild Safari Pink Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Pink Wild Safari Deluxe Kit N Kaboodle Wild Safari Pink Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Tiny Toes Pink Kit-N-Kaboodle Tiny Toes Pink Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Tiny Toes Pink Kit-N-Kaboodle Tiny Toes Pink Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Es Un Nina Polks Dot Foil Balloon

Es Un Nina Polks Dot Foil Balloon

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