Quinceanera Decorations

Quinceanera decorations are an important part of the Quinceanera celebration and can include a whole list of items.  Similar to planning a wedding, there are invitations to send, a cake to pick out, centerpieces to make, flowers to get, and many other items on a long list of things to do.  But have no worries, we can help you check those items off your list in no time at all! 

First, let’s discuss some of the traditions of the Quinceanera…


The Quinceanera, also referred to as Quince, or Fiesta Rosa, is a celebration of a girls 15th birthday in many Latin American cultures.  It is considered to be the age when a girl leaves her childish ways and enters into young womanhood.  It also acts as the official announcement of her new social role within the community, as she will now take on the responsibilities of a young woman and is expected to act as such.  Central American countries, Mexico & Puerto Rico traditionally celebrate the Quinceanera with a religious ceremony, which is then followed by a reception.  The ceremony is traditionally held in a church, but today it is sometimes held at the reception venue.  The reception is usually held in a private home or in a banquet hall.

There are some Central and South American cultures that do not include the religious ceremony at all.  In those cultures the whole focus is on the reception banquet. 


The purpose of the religious ceremony is for the Quinceanera to give thanks to God for the first 15 years of life.  It’s also a time to give thanks for the blessings received by the family.  At a Christian Quinceanera ceremony there is a traditional mass lead by an officiant.

The ceremony begins with a Court of Honor, or Corte de Honor, walking down the aisle of the church.   The Court consists of brothers, sisters, cousins or close friends chosen by the Quinceanera .  It may consist of all girls (referred to as Damas) or all young men (called Chambelanes, Escorte, or Galn), or she may have a combination of both.  

Next, the Quinceanera walks down the aisle wearing a beautiful ball gown and accompanied by her father and mother (or another significant person in her life). 

Bible verses are read and traditional songs are typically played or sung.  

A gift is given by the parents, or Padrinos de Quinceanera.  The gift is blessed and presented to the Quinceanera by the officiant.  Common gifts include a Bible covered in satin, lace, or similar fabric, a rosary, cross, or a piece of jewelry.  These gifts are meant to represent her strong faith in God.

The Crowning Ceremony… is another tradition, where a headpiece is removed from the girl’s head and replaced with a crown, or tiara.  The meaning behind this is to symbolize that she is a princess in front of God.  A scepter is often given as well, representing the adult responsibilities that are being passed on to her.

Wendy Tiara 2 1/2

Wendy Tiara 2 1/2"

High Honor Scepter

High Honor Scepter

Keep the memory of your event and your tiara safe and protected in this beautiful

Customized Tiara Keepsake Box

Customized Tiara Keepsake Box

Flower Bouquet… during the ceremony the Quinceanera places a flower bouquet at the altar of the Virgin Mary, who it is hoped she will emulate.  She then kneels to say a prayer. This is a special bouquet that is made specifically for this portion of the ceremony, and is separate from the one she carries. 

 Three Roses… is a tradition where three roses are given to the Quinceanera.  One rose is an unopened bud, representing infancy. The second rose is a half opened bloom representing childhood.  The third rose is a fully opened bloom, which is supposed to represent the current time.


The Quince celebration can be held at a home or in a banquet hall. Pick a theme for the party and plan the food, table linens, centerpieces, cake, and other party decorations on that theme. 

The Toast...A toast is given at the reception, called the brindis, using decorated champagne type glasses to congratulate and offer good wishes.


The Ceremony of the Shoes... occurs during the reception.  The Quinceanera will sit in a chair that has been placed in the middle of the dance floor.  The chair is usually decorated with bows, tulle, or other items.  The Quinceanera sits in the chair and her father  then proceeds to remove her flat shoes (representing childhood)  from her feet and replaces them with high heels (representing  young womanhood).  Now she is ready to dance her first waltz with her father!  This is an important part of the Quinceanera reception, and is usually a choreographed and well rehearsed dance performed early on at the reception.

 A dance floor with music is a must-have for the first waltz, and for the guests to dance on.

The “Last Doll”... is a symbolic gesture where the Quinceanera is given a doll, usually dressed to look like her, by her father.  The doll represents the last of childish things received, as she will now focus on more mature things.  The doll, which is often made of porcelain, is then passed down to someone younger by the Quinceanera celebrant.  Sometimes ribbons with the date and Quinceanera’s name printed on them are pinned to the doll.  They are later removed and handed to guests as a keepsake of the special day. Doll themes can also be included in the Quinceanera decorations.


Now it’s time to decorate for the party!  Start by picking the colors and theme that you want for your Quinceanera decorations.  Then select your table linens and centerpieces keeping those colors and theme in mind.  From there you can go on to decorate other parts of the room.  Here are some fun Quinceanera decoration ideas and products to consider:

Quinceanera Memories Banner 18"x54" Horizontal Vinyl Banner

Quinceanera Memories Banner 18


Homemade invitations can be easy to make if you have access to a printer.  Use a nice photograph or a picture that ties in with your theme and then write the party information on it.   You could also make one from a stiffer card stock paper, or a cute printed scrap book paper. Be sure you include the details of the party such as the reason for the party, date, time, location, and contact information that you want the guests to RSVP to.

If you don't want to make your own invitations you can always purchase them.

These Super Stylish Invitations Pkg/8 are also super cute! Have a pink, black & white zebra theme for your party. Use the pattern and colors throughout your Quinceanera decorations.

Super Stylish Invitations Pkg/8

Quinceanera Decoration Ideas for...

Birthday party favors are given to guests as a small token of appreciation for them coming to the party and celebrating the special day.  A common favor idea is to put mints or candy inside a cute container, such as a small tin, jar, or a wood box.  You can make your own favors, or purchase them already made. Display them on a decorated table so they can become a part of your Quinceanera decorations.

These Mis Quince Buttermints would be great to include as favors, to have in bowls for guests, or use them as part of your Quinceanera decorations. Fill tall cylinder vases with them and place them on the table as part of your centerpiece.

Mis Quince Buttermints

These cute little bags of MY M&M'S? Acrylic (16oz) can be personalized with your name, date, or picture!

MY M&M'S? Acrylic (16oz)

Quinceanera Decorations for...

If you are going to order a large cake for the event, expect to pay a lot!  A cheaper alternative would be to bake and decorate your own.  Decorate it to go with the theme of your Quinceanera decorations that you've chosen.  Here are items that might inspire you with ideas for your cake or to use as a theme:   

Order this Queen Crown And Sceptor Decosetto put on top of your own decorated cake to give it a professional look!

Queen Crown And Sceptor Decoset

If you are going to bake your own cake, consider this Crown Pan for your Quinceanera cake.

Crown Pan


If you have long hair, then you have plenty of options for hairstyles on your big day.  You can wear it curled or straight, or in a beautiful up-do.  If you have short hair, you will be a little more limited, but you can always go to a hair stylist for a consultation beforehand for help with ideas.  Another option you might want to consider is to get extensions or a hair piece.  Today they make them look just like real hair.  Some actually are real hair!  The real ones can be pretty expensive, though, so if you have a small budget you may want to think about other options.  You’ll also want to make sure that whatever hairstyle you pick, it’ll work with the tiara or crown that you’ll receive at the Quince.

A beautiful up-do would look stunning with this Cherished Memory Tiara.

Cherished Memory Tiara


Quinceanera dresses are traditionally long ball gowns with full skirts.  Pink used to be the color of choice as it represented purity.  Today, however, you will see many colors including white, blue, orange or other bright colors. 

Dresses for the Damas, or girls in the Court, are typically above the knee and not too revealing.  Again, tradition has given way to the many other styles available today. The Chambelanes usually wear tuxedos, or nice suits.

Dresses for a Quinceanera celebration can be found online, in formal or bridal stores, or department stores that carry prom type dresses.

Quinceanera Decoration Ideas for...

An important part of your Quinceanera decorations are the centerpieces.  Floral centerpieces will always look pretty but may cost quite a bit if you go to a florist.  You can make your own, of course, but will need to be sure you have someone to help you since you will be busy on your special day!  There are other centerpiece ideas that you can make to be included in your Quinceanera decorations.  Candle centerpieces are a nice option, but always check with your reception venue to be sure they are allowed. If not, you can probably substitute them with battery operated flame less candles. 

Simple centerpieces like these Sale Pink and White "15" Centerpieces Sale will look pretty for smaller tables.

Sale   Pink and White

Here are additional centerpiece ideas you can make:


Why not make the "Last Doll" be the theme of your Quinceanera decorations? A doll centerpiece can be made pretty easily for the  reception tables. 

Craft stores sell just the upper body and head of a doll. These will be cheaper than buying a bunch of play dolls to use for the centerpiece.  Purchase one for each table and then make dresses to match the Quinceanera’s dress out of fabric, tulle, sequins, pearls, or whatever you want to make her look spectacular.  The doll body can be glued or attached to an empty jar or bottle and then simply cover the bottom by securing a big beautiful full skirt to it.  If you know how to sew, this should be easy.  If not, attach the doll body to a cone shaped piece of foam and then use a glue gun or straight pins poked through a sequin, to attach the doll’s dress.

Quinceanera Decorations using...


11" Glitter Roses Balloons Black Pkg/25

Balloons are an inexpensive way to create many different decorations.    Use them to create a really cool arch to walk through as you enter the reception hall. Or, make a balloon bouquet centerpiece.  So many colors and cute prints are available that you’re sure to find the perfect ones for your party.

Themes for the 15th Birthday


To create a cute bubble theme for your party, start by making the invitations by using a heavier paper and cut them into 4x6 cards.  Print or write the party details on the back.  Decorate the front by drawing circle shapes to look like bubbles, with some overlapping. Use a round object to trace around for better looking circles.  You could also look for a bubble pattern online to print, instead.

Next, create a centerpiece out of several small round clear, white, and pearl colored balloons. Try to find ones that are iridescent.  Blow them up so they are round in shape and not too big…like big bubbles. Attach the balloons to sticks, alternating and securing them as you go.  You want them to appear as if they are bubbles coming out of a vase.  Fill a clear vase with iridescent basket filler to hide the balloon sticks.

To add more Quinceanera decorations with a bubble theme, consider the wall of your venue.  Attach translucent or pearl colored balloons directly to the wall, placing them close together at the bottom and further apart as you go up so they appear like large bubbles bubbling up the wall like champagne! 

Arrange these cute Pink Party Bubble Bottles on a tray and make them available for guest. Or place one next to each place setting. Pink Party Bubble Bottles

For a bubble cake idea, decorate the top of a small tiered cake with clear glass ball ornaments, or other round shaped items that will give the appearance of bubbles.  Vary the sizes to give it a more realistic look.

Additional items for a bubble theme: 

  • Make favors by filling small jars with pearl-like candies or bubble gum.
  • Scatter fake pearl-like beads or clear ball ornaments could be used to on tables. 
  • Place clear stones at the bottom of votive candle holders.


Use these White Candy Pearlsfor the favors or to put in the bottom of votive candle holder.

White Candy Pearls

Be creative and use any kind of item that looks "bubbly". 

Don’t forget to serve sparkling cider, champagne, or sparkling water to go with the theme!

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