Rice Crispy Treats
Create Your Own Centerpiece

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Rice crispy treats have been around for years. They're so simple to make...even kids enjoy making them! They can be shaped, molded, or formed into almost anything...

(instructions below)

They can be dyed with food coloring for a variety of color options, easily cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters, and their texture makes them perfect for inserting sticks or adding candy decorations to them. Their mild sweet flavor goes well with candy coatings and chocolate dips, too.

Rice crispy treats are probably the most versatile food item that can be used to create fun edible arrangements for your table…for any occasion!

Cool! So how about a few rice crispy treat centerpiece ideas...

To make a centerpiece consider the occasion you are making it for and then decide what shape you want to create.

Don’t know what to make? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking…

• ROUND BALLS (3 large ones make a cool table decoration, decorate small ones as ornaments for a Christmas tree (shown below), or make a basketball, baseball, or soccer ball for sports enthusiast)

• HAMBURGER "SLIDERS" (a fun kid's party idea, or cute treat for a barbeque or picnic. Use regular and chocolate treats for burgers, green "Dum-dum" pops for olives, red cookie icing for the ketchup and top of olive.)

kids birthday party centerpiece idea

• CUPS (small ones make cute place card holders, or fill with candies for party favor idea)

• FLOWER POTS (make "flowers" to put in it out of crispy treats or cookies-on-a-stick

• BOWL SHAPE (fill with candy for a cute Halloween centerpiece idea)

• PEDESTAL BOWL (fill with ”fruit”, also made from treats, for a luau party theme. Dip each fruit piece into melted candy coating, that has been dyed with food coloring for each type of fruit...red apple, yellow banana, orange orange...)

• CAKE PLATE (create a rice crispy treat “cake” to put on it, too!)

• TRAYS (make mini trays to put party favors, cake pops or candy treats on)

• A NUMBER (use for a birthday party centerpiece, or make a #1 for congratulating a winning team)


• VASE (fill with crispy treat flowers, lollipops, or candy sticks)

• CAR (great boy’s birthday centerpiece)

• TEDDY BEAR (cute baby shower centerpiece idea)

• FOOTBALL (Super Bowl or tailgate party idea, using chocolate flavored treats)

edible arrangements for super bowl centerpiece

• CHRISTMAS TREE ( dye tree green with food coloring and use frosting to add candy decorations)

• NEW YEARS EVE CLOCK (make round "cake" out of treats and decorate with cookie icing to show the stroke of midnight)

• HEART (Valentine centerpiece, romantic centerpiece for marriage proposal, or bridal shower)

• SHAMROCK (St. Patrick’s Day party centerpiece)

• BUNNY or A CROSS (Easter centerpiece)

• POPS (cut into shapes and insert stick)


How do I shape the treats?

Once you have an idea of WHAT to make, then you have to figure out HOW to shape it, right? There are several ways to do this:

1) CUT - either with knife or cookie cutters

2) MOLD - using candy, gelatin, or cake mold pans

3) FORM - around a bowl, tray, or other item to create the shape

4) FREESTYLE - shape it using your hands

It's usually easier to shape rice crispy treats while still warm. Once they cool, it becomes more difficult, although still doable. For this reason, I suggest making one batch at a time, unless you're using a large mold to pour it into. In that case, making a double batch would be fine.

Here is the basic recipe for rice crispy treats...

(This will yield one batch, enough for a 13”x9” pan, of treats)

You will need:

• 3 Tablespoons of butter

• One 10 ounce bag of marshmallows, any flavor (or 4 cups of miniature marshmallows)

• 6 cups of crisped rice cereal, any brand, any flavor

• (Optional) food coloring


1. In a large saucepan, melt the butter over low heat

2. Add marshmallows, stirring until melted. Cook just a couple minutes longer, stirring constantly, and then remove pan from heat. (Optional method: Microwave butter and marshmallows in large microwave safe bowl for one minute, stir, and continue microwaving for 30 second intervals until completely melted and blended well.)

3. Add food coloring to butter and marshmallow at this time, if using, and blend well

4. Add cereal and stir until it is well coated

5. Press mixture firmly into a buttered 13”x9” pan or other mold. If shaping by hand, then pour onto buttered sheet of wax paper and work quickly, with buttered fingers, before it cools completely.

IMPORTANT TIP: It really helps to use butter to coat a spatula, waxed paper, food handler gloves, or even bare (very clean) hands when handling the cereal mixture or trying to press it into pan. This will go a long way in preventing it from sticking to everything.

Triple Layer Valentine Cake Instructions:

The cute cake idea (featured at top of page) would make a fabulous centerpiece for your Valentine's Day table decorations or maybe for Sweetest Day.

To make it simply follow these instructions.


• One batch of plain rice crispy treats

• One HALF batch of plain rice crispy treats

• One batch of chocolate flavored rice crispy treats (use basic recipe except substitute chocolate marshmallows for the plain marshmallows… OR use chocolate flavored crispy rice cereal with regular marshmallows.)

• 2 colors of ready-made canned cupcake icing with decorating tips (or you can pipe your own homemade frosting)

• Optional: heart shaped strawberry and vanilla marshmallows (usually available in grocery stores around Valentine’s Day).

unique cake ideas for valentines day decorations INSTRUCTIONS:

1. Prepare one batch of plain rice crispy treats, according to directions.

2. Pour mixture onto a buttered sheet of wax paper.

3. Butter CLEAN hands. Working quickly, shape treats into a large heart. (If you have a heart shaped pan you may use that instead.)

4. Invert heart onto serving platter and carefully peel off wax paper.

5. Next, prepare batch of chocolate flavored rice crispy treats, and follow same procedure, except make this heart a little smaller than the first, and invert it onto top of first heart.

6. Now, prepare the HALF batch of plain treats, following same procedure, except make this one slightly smaller than the chocolate heart and place on top of the other two layers.

valentines day decorations Next, Take a heart shaped cookie cutter and press it down to create a guide for decorating. If you don’t have one, you can use a knife or spatula to create your guideline...

valentines cake decorations Use the cupcake icing, with a decorative tip, to create a pretty border along the edge of each layer.

On the top of your cake fill in the heart shape that you created with the cookie cutter with more cupcake frosting as shown here…

valentines unique cake idea For the finishing touch…

Add the marshmallow hearts to top of your cake.

Small bamboo skewers were used to secure the 3 pink ones. Additional cupcake icing was used to embellish them with dots and fleurette.

Mini Christmas Tree Ornament Idea...

rice crispy treats, edible arrangements, food centerpieces

Here is a picture of some Christmas ornaments that my daughter made for her Sunday school class. She took a small amount of the mixture and rolled it into balls, approximately 2 inches in diameter...

rice crispy treats, edible arrangements, holiday centerpieces, christmas centerpiece

Here, you see her hanging them onto a small table top tree using the little red loops to hang them.

The loops were made by simply tying a piece of red licorice into a knot, leaving a loop at the top, and then inserting the two ends into the rice crispy treat ball.

She also used a bit of chocolate cookie icing to add a candy coated chocolate to each one. You can certainly decorate them any way you'd like!

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