Tropical Centerpieces
That Take You To Paradise!

Are you longing for a trip to the beach? These tropical centerpieces and beach themed ideas will make you feel as if you're dining in paradise along some tropical shore!

Do you live in a cold climate and yearn for a much needed break from freezing temperatures?  Save your vacation time and money by throwing a tropical beach party or a luau instead!  Or, maybe you are planning a birthday party with a tropical beach theme. Go here if you're looking for beach wedding centerpieces.

Now that I live in a warm weather climate with a pool in my backyard I don't think about throwing this kind of party very often.  However, I spent most of my life living near the city of Chicago!  Believe me!  Those were some really cold winters and by the time the holidays were over we were looking for some fun in the sun!  You can read all about our indoor (mid-winter) beach party below!  But, for now...let's look at some fun tropical centerpieces and beach decorations.

"Sun and Sand"

This table is chock full of texture! The color palette, inspired by the sun and sand, works well for a simple beach themed dinner.

•Textured, patterned tablecloth is sand colored, adding to beach theme

•Place mats are actually bamboo patterned napkins.

•Additional napkins were stuffed, rolled, and tied with brown sheer ribbon to create small pillow accents for chairs.

•Golden yellow plates were used in keeping with the neutral sun and sand feel of the table.

•Votive candles surrounding centerpiece provide a warm "sunset" glow.

•Wicker accent adds to beach feeling.

•Large fish bowl used for center of table. Shredded recycled paper used as filler. Sand could be used instead, if desired. Seashells and starfish added to bowl, as well as placed directly on table.

Casual Beach Day Dinner

Do this outdoors to take advantage of the "ocean" breezes! Surround your patio/deck/pool/grassy area with potted trees and foliage. Add white string lights to give a feeling of being on a fabulous beach vacation.

. Pale blue beach towel used as a tablecloth.

. White hand towels used as place mats, or runners.

. Pale blue washcloths used as napkins. Raffia tied around them provides natural element and a neutral (sand) color against them.

. Clear glass vases in center filled with candles look great at sunset.

. Starfish added to centerpiece in keeping with beach theme.

Shells & Candles

Tropical centerpieces inspired by the beach are always a simple and natural way to bring the tropics to your table. To create this beach centerpiece:

- Use one or more straight sided glass vases. If you have some that include the suspended candle holder that's great! If not, you can place the pillar candles on top of and inverted glass and cover with the shells.

- Fill the vases with small seashells to desired height.

- Add candles.

Sand could be substituted for the seashells, as another option.

Tropical Centerpieces Inspired by Fabric

Find inspiration for your tropical centerpieces a in pretty floral patterned fabric, napkin, or tablecloth that you love.  Add items that will tie into the color theme of the chosen fabric.  The items in the photo here were inspired by the floral print napkin underneath it.

•Round, green, metal candle tray (or a plate charger) is the foundation for this centerpiece.

•Add stones or sand as a base. Multi-colored blue stones, reflecting the blues in the napkin and representing “water” were used here.

•Flameless, battery-operated LED candle sits on top of yellow recycled paper shreds within a small fish bowl. This represents the yellow of the sun and the flower colors in napkin.

•Peach colored napkin tied with yellow ribbon also pulls colors from napkin.

•Seashells always give an extra tropical beach feel. One larger shell used here.

Memories Of Our Beach Party...

I used to live in Chicago, Illinois and believe me...those long cold winters were a drag! One year, my husband and I decided to throw a beach party at our home in the middle of February.

We actually moved our dining table out of the room and replaced it with a small kiddie pool (with water!) We laid a green artificial turf “carpet” underneath it and placed a few beach chairs around it. Everyone was asked to dress in beach attire. We used beach-inspired decorations and of course had a tropical centerpiece.  I made a huge tiered platter of fruit, with a fresh pineapple to top it all off, and then placed the tray on top of an inverted bucket to give the illusion that it was floating in the middle of the pool! (find more fruit centerpiece ideas here.) Beach themed music played in the background and fun cocktails with cute little umbrellas were served. I also remember turning the heat up on the thermostat...just to make it feel like summer... or maybe the warm feeling came from those tropical drinks!

Anyways...our beach party provided a nice break from the gray skies of winter and it re-energized us until summer finally arrived. A great time was had by all and we were left with many memorable moments.

HINT: Be sure to make the memories of your beach party "permanent" by purchasing a few disposable cameras and allowing your guests to take your "vacation" photos for you! Then you can turn the photos into a memorable book to look at later.

So How Do You Decorate For A
Beach Theme Party?

I’m not recommending that you bring a pool into your home like we did! But maybe you have a collection of seashells from your last visit to the beach. Seashells make excellent decorations.

Are you a sailor? If so, maybe you have items you could use to make nautical centerpieces such as rope or even a small anchor.

Tropical centerpieces inspired by the beach are pretty easy to put together. So many cute items are available for purchase these days.  Other items you can use to decorate include; beach balls, straw beach hats, sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts, sandals, pool toys, pineapples, coconuts, fruit platters, and more.  Remember that there are also many items and fabrics that can mimic the feeling or the texture of sun, sand, and water.

The ideas are endless!

Love These Tropical Products...

How cute are these Real Coconuts Cups Pkg/12. Perfect for serving your favorite tropical concoctions! Or, create a small centerpiece by using these as vases. Just add a few tropical flowers and some water.

Real Coconuts Cups Pkg/12

What better way to serve those cut up pieces of tropical fruit that you've spread around a pineapple centerpiece than with these adorable Tropical Fruit Picks Pkg/50.

Tropical Fruit Picks Pkg/50

Use this cute Seashell Photo Balloon Holder Each to secure a balloon centerpiece and/or hold a cute photo!

Seashell Photo Balloon Holder Each

Love the color tones in these Island Oasis Lei Pkg/12. Put a napkin on top of each plate and then lay one of these on top to add some tropical floral flare to each place setting at your table!

Island Oasis Lei Pkg/12

OK...I love, love, love these Tropical Fish Lollipops Dozen! Hand them out to guests or create a lollipop centerpiece with them by putting them into a piece of blue painted foam, or half-fill a fishbowl with blue gumballs (to represent water) and insert fish into them.

Tropical Fish Lollipops Dozen

These super cute Beach Sandles Candle Set Set/6 are a must have for any beach themed birthday party cake!

Beach Sandles Candle Set Set/6

This little Beach Pail & Shovel Set 5.25" Set is perfect for serving a "sand" or "dirt" pudding or for filling with candy and trinkets for a kids party favor.

Beach Pail & Shovel Set 5.25

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