Valentines Day Decorations

Think of Valentines day decorations and you probably think of red hearts, roses, and chocolates. Use these and other items to create wonderful heart felt centerpieces.

Simple inexpensive valentine centerpieces or valentine bouquets can be made out of items that are readily available and easy enough for anyone to put together!

Include decorations made from candy, flowers, candles, heart cookies, fun treats, or fun heart shaped novelty items.  Many of these items can be found at your local dollar or discount store.

Be sure, if you're going to give flowers to your sweetie, that you read all about the meaning of rose colors.  

If you need a valentine heart template to help you draw your heart decorations here's one I put together for you.   FREE printable heart templates.

Red Hot Candy Centerpiece

Simple.  Pretty.  Inexpensive.  This valentine centerpiece will sparkle on your table!

All you'll need is:

. Small rectangular tray (I used a small silver one here from the dollar store)

. 3 glass votive candle holders and 3 votive candles

. Enough cinnamon candies to cover tray

Simply place candles in glass holder and line up on tray. Then, pour the cinnamon candies around the candles. That's it!

If you're in need of a quick idea this one fits the bill!

Go here for more candle centerpiece ideas.

Cupid's Arrow Through Heart

Cupid's arrow goes right through my heart with this cute centerpiece idea!

Insert a bamboo skewer through a bag full of heart shaped gummy candies. Then insert sticks into a piece of foam that you put inside some type of container. Since my container here was glass I covered the foam with pink paper shreds and then wrapped some pink ribbon around it.

This would also be cute on a wedding reception candy buffet. You could use different colors, if necessary.

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Heart Shape Lollipop Valentine Bouquet

Valentines day decorations can be as simple as making this cute valentine bouquet for your table  Simply use a small metal bucket or pot,   (I found mine at an Ikea store), a bag of red heart lollipops, and a piece of foam that will fit firmly inside your bucket/pot.

A pretty ribbon to tie around the bucket is optional, but will gives it a nice finished look. Use red, pink, white, or a cute valentine print.


. Place the foam inside your bucket/pot.

. Next, insert lollipops, beginning with the outer edge and working your way towards the center

. Finally tie ribbon around bucket (you may have to secure with a piece of tape or dab of glue.

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Sweets for Your Sweetie

This is a cute candy centerpiece idea that would look great for a party buffet table or for that special someone with a”sweet tooth”.


Fill a few glass jars or vases with different valentine candy…red cinnamon heart candies, red lollipops, large swirl pops, a few gummy hearts…or any other favorites.

Red, pink, and white candies work best in keeping with traditional valentine colors. You can use one color or mix them together.

For that extra touch add a cute decorative box, such as this red and white polka dot one. Put a few valentine chocolates, iced valentine cookies, or foil wrapped chocolate hearts in it. Use red tissue to line the box and have it pop up over the top for another fun splash of color.

Heart Shaped
Rice Crispy Valentine "Cake"

Think outside the box for unique cake ideas, such as this cute valentine's cake made out of rice crispy treats! It's not only unique...but, it's also easy to make.

Find more fun ideas for for edible centerpieces or get the detailed instructions (with photos) for this heart cake here at rice crispy treats.

Rose Centerpiece

Flowers make beautiful centerpieces for valentines day decorations. Red rose bouquets are very popular for giving to that special loved one and for creating stunning table arrangements.

A red rose centerpiece says “romance” and “love” (scroll down below to read the different meanings of rose colors). Don't limit yourself to just roses though!  There are many different flowers that would be perfectly suitable to give, or to place on your table as a centerpiece.

For an inexpensive option check out your local grocery store or club store, such as Costco, for cheaper alternatives. Consider a pretty mixed bouquet, or maybe  red carnations.

Rose Color Meaning...

If you’re going to give someone roses then you may want to know the meaning of the rose colors. Here’s a quick reference list...

RED – romantic love

PURPLE – love at first sight

CORAL – desire

ORANGE and APRICOT – enthusiasm

YELLOW – joy and friendship

PINK – gratitude and appreciation

PEACH – sympathy or gratitude

WHITE – purity, marriage

BLACK - (actually a very dark red, unless they're dyed) There is some discrepancy as to the meaning. Some people view this as meaning “death” or “vengeance”. Others believe it to symbolize death to their old ways and moving on to the new. You probably don’t want to give black roses to someone you care about. However, they would make great arrangements for Halloween, Gothic, or black & white themed parties.

Free Printable Heart Templates For Your
Valentines Day Decorations ...

Many have asked where they can find heart shapes to trace and use for their valentines day decorations, so I've included heart templates for you here (a new window will open up making it easy for you to return here).

Click here to open a printable heart templates pdf file.


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