Wedding Balloons

By using wedding balloons for your centerpieces and wedding decorations you'll save lots of money!  This makes it easier to stick to your wedding budget or to be able to splurge on other things.  Balloons are cheap, come in tons of colors, patterns, and prints, and can be used to make a really cute wedding balloon centerpiece, a rehearsal “bouquet”, or to create an awesome arch that the bride and groom can walk, dine or exchange vows under.

Balloon wedding decorations work well for both indoor and outdoor weddings.  Just be careful of pokey things, like tree branches, when using outdoors and be sure to secure them well, especially if it’s windy! 

Speaking of windy weather…it will definitely mess up your wedding photos if helium filled balloons are blowing into your face!  So if you are going to be outdoors, consider making a wedding balloon “bouquet” for your reception tables instead.  They are secured to sticks, rather than floating freely above the table, which eliminates the annoyance of balloons drifting in front of people's faces.  It's also a cheaper alternative since you won't need to buy helium.  Just use the old lungs, or a simple air pump, like this one: 

Plastic Balloon Inflator

Plastic Balloon Inflator

For an easy wedding balloon centerpiece idea that coordinates with your wedding decor simply use balloons in your chosen colors.  It will look best if you use 2 or 3 shades. For example, if you’ve selected pink for your wedding try to incorporate 2 or 3 shades of pink in your balloon centerpiece, or add white or silver to it.  This will give it much more depth and interest, rather than just a bunch of balloons in one solid color. Adding fun prints, like damask or polka dot, will look great, too!

Another example...say your colors are teal and brown, then use both of those shades, plus one more shade of either the blue or brown, perhaps a  tan color or turquoise. Here again, a print would also break it up. 

The bottom line is you don’t want everything in the room to be so matchy-matchy that it looks like someone threw up your wedding colors! Your eye needs a color “break”.  By adding a lighter or darker shade, a print, or another color it provides that nice contrast and break for the eye.

How To Make a
Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

OK, so how do you make a balloon centerpiece?   

There are basically two types of balloons – latex or Mylar, and two common ways to put them together:

1.       Float helium balloons above table that are secured to a balloon weight

A weight can be anything heavy enough to hold them securely in place, a decorative foil wrapped weight,  statue, stuffed animal,  vase,  painted stone, or a picture frame, to name a few. Anything that will tie in with your wedding theme can be used. Just be sure its heavy enough to hold them all down.  If you need to add extra weight to a container, simply add stones or sand.


2.       A balloon bouquet 

A “bouquet” is made by securing balloons to balloon sticks and then inserting them into a vase, a piece of foam, or some other holder.  The balloon heights are typically altered to create a “bouquet”. 

The important thing to remember with any centerpiece is to be sure it sits high enough or low enough for guests to be able to see across the table without having to lean sideways to converse!

Here are links to products you might like to consider to help create your perfect wedding balloon decorations:

Use these Plastic White Balloon Sticks With Cup to make a balloon bouquet for your table.

Plastic White Balloon Sticks With Cup

These 11" Just Married Balloons can be used for the wedding car, arch, or centerpieces.


These 11" Crystal Clear Balloons are perfect for creating a unique balloon bouquet by adding glitter or confetti inside before pumping them up. Use a funnel to make it easier.


If you are going to make a balloon centerpiece where a group of balloons float above the table you will need a weight. I like the iridescence of this Opal Balloon Weight.

Opal Balloon Weight

I've never seen anything like this Deluxe Silver Garland but I'm loving it! Just insert whatever color balloon you want into the openings for a really cool and unique wedding decoration.

Deluxe Silver Garland

Get this 500 yds Silver Curling Ribbon and you will have lots & lots of yards of ribbon to curl for your wedding balloons! Other colors also available.

500 yds Silver Curling Ribbon

How cool is this Radiant Balloon Arch With Balloons Each? You get your choice of 2 balloon colors or its available for purchase without the balloons. This would make a great entrance for your wedding or behind the bride and groom's table.

Radiant Balloon Arch With Balloons Each

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