Rope In These Great Western Centerpiece Ideas!

Create a cute western centerpiece for a fun themed party! Use it for a kids birthday party, Cinco de Mayo celebration, or even a wedding!  There are plenty of ways to create the perfect rustic, cowboy, or western theme table for your party, or maybe you just want a centerpiece for your "cabin".  We'll show you how to do's easy!

For a really rustic centerpiece, use items such as horseshoes, hay bales, cowboy hats, stars, and iron accents. Tin cups and mason jars, or cowboy boot glasses make great mugs for serving beverages.

If you're looking for a "softer" western theme centerpiece use colors and patterns to reflect the theme, but use less of the really "rustic" accents.

Some of these ideas make great Cinco de Mayo decorations, too. Use bright colors, serve margaritas with chips and salsa, and play some fun music to create an authentic feel. For a really cute food idea make individual 7-layer dips by putting the dip (in layers of course) in clear small plastic cups. Top it off with a couple chips and no more worries about "double-dipping"! Put a larger bowl of chips out for guests who need more.

The western centerpiece ideas below show you how to create a wonderfully decorated western table for your party that even the Lone Ranger would enjoy eating at at!

HI HO SILVER...and away we go!

 Soft Rustic Table

Here's a very simple way to create a southwestern theme.

• Place a napkin or piece of fabric that has a rustic or southwestern pattern or colors onto center of table, over chosen tablecloth. You can angle the napkin or keep it square, it’s your preference. I like to change things up a bit… do the I like to angle chairs, napkins, etc.

• Mix and match dishes or bowls to bring out the colors or provide nice contrast to chosen fabric/napkin.

• A metal lantern, hurricane lamp or any type of rustic or antique looking lantern is all you really need in the center.

• Raffia was tied around napkins to add a natural element to the theme. Cheap and simple.

The Purple Cowgirl Luncheon

Super cute western centerpiece for a fun luncheon or birthday party!

•Select a tablecloth for purple color theme. If you don’t have one, how about a bed sheet, thin blanket, or piece of fabric?

•Different purple patterned bandannas, used for napkins, provide interest to the setting. Black metal napkin ring accent gives a bit of western touch.

•Purple plates were used here, but white or even black could work just as well. The plate's square shape gives a more casual feel and makes it a bit more interesting.

•A tin cup is used to hold pink flowers. It makes a nice accent and breaks up the purple color. Tin cup adds to western theme.

•Votive candles in clear holders provide "girlie" sparkle to table.

Hot Peppers!

• Using a chili pepper napkin as inspiration, this western centerpiece uses a simple bowl of mini peppers in bright yellow, red, and orange colors.

• Peppers could be placed in a variety of containers. Glass bowl used here.

• Add a bowl of chips with salsa and margaritas for a fun Mexican fiesta or Cinco de Mayo party. OLE'!

Is anyone else craving nachos???

Here's a convenient way to decorate your table for the perfect Fiesta:

Festive Fiesta Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Festive Fiesta Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Wranglin' Rose

Great way to use the 'ol camping pot and cups!

• Red bandanna tied around a vase of red roses creates a casual feel to the otherwise formal flowers.

• Red bandannas adorned with raffia tied around them instead of using napkin rings for a natural rustic feel.

• Green enamelware coffee pot and mug gives the feeling of “sitting around the campfire” in this western centerpiece.

• Metal oval serving tray is used to group the different elements together.

The Rustic Cabin Look

Creating a western centerpiece with a warm, cozy, cabin feeling to it is easy if you already have a rustic style table, such as this beautiful carved pine one.

• This centerpiece consists of a simple wood tray with small pots, each containing different herbs. Pretty and practical!

• These cute place mats, featuring a moose on center with fringed edges, are a great addition for bringing that rustic cabin or hunting lodge feeling to your table.

• Chair pads and cafe curtains in rich, warm colored, stripe pattern provide a nice boost of color to the table area. Iron candle holders or a large hurricane lamp with rust colored candles could also be used to bring in a bit of color.

This table makes me want to curl up by a fireplace or maybe roast marshmallows after dinner! Very cozy!

Consider these fun items for your Western Themed Party!

With this awesome party kit all you'll need to add it some food!

Cow Print Ultimate Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Cow Print Ultimate Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Our Cow Print Ultimate Kit-N-Kaboodle includes table service for eight along with party favors and a personalized attach 'n go banner: Dinner Plates (8) Luncheon Napkins (16) Hot/Cold Cups (8) Velvet Black Plastic Cutlery (set of 24 - 8 knives, 8 forks, 8 spoons) White 54 inch wide x 108 inch long Plastic Table Cover Bright-Tone White and Metallic Black 11 inch Latex Balloons (12 each) 66 feet of Black Curling Ribbon 81 feet of Black Velvet Crepe Streamer 81 feet of White Crepe Streamer 10 inch high x 30 inch wide Attach 'N Go Banner Cow Mylar Balloon (1) Cow Print Jointed Banner Jointed Cow Cutout Red Western Bandanas (pkg of 12) Western Mints (pkg of 50) 12 inch Straw Bale

These bubble bottles are the perfect touch for a western theme wedding or as a fun favor for a birthday party.

Cowboy Boot Love Bubble Bottles

Cowboy Boot Love Bubble Bottles

There are so many uses for a bandana at a western theme party.  Use them for napkins, lay beneath a centerpiece, place on top of hay bales for extra seating, line baskets for rolls or utensils, or even wear one around your neck!  Yee Haw!

Western Bandanna Red Pkg/12
Western Bandanna Red Pkg/12

Put some of these cute mints in a basket at party for guests to help themselves, or place inside a cute mug, jar, favor box, or loot bag.

Western Mints Pkg/50

Western Mints Pkg/50

These would make perfect additions to a western theme table, or hang them for alternative lighting.  Flame less candles could be used for extra safety, or where regular candles aren't allowed.

Western Lantern

Western Lantern

These are the perfect size for creating a western centerpiece, or to use on buffet tables to alter the heights of different dishes being served.

Mini sizes and larger 24" bales are also available:

Straw Bale 12"

Straw Bale 12

These cute silver toned pails are such a cute way to serve snacks at a party, or to fill and give as favors.

Tin Metal Bucket

Tin Metal Bucket

The perfect candles for a western theme table:

Beer Mug Candle

Beer Mug Candle

Why bake, when you can buy these?

Wild West Decorated Cookie Assortment Pkg/4

Wild West Decorated Cookie Assortment Pkg/4

All the basics put together for you:

Western Lasso Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Western Lasso Basic Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Simple way to create a cute western centerpiece. Use as a balloon weight and tie a few helium balloons onto it.  Or, use it to hold a cute photo of child for a birthday party, or of the bride and groom for a western themed wedding decoration: 

Cowboy Boots Photo Balloon Holder

Cowboy Boots Photo Balloon Holder

All good cowboys deserve to wear a hat!

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat

How fun to make a grand entrance into the party with this.  Makes a great background for photos too!

Cowboy Boot Arch

Cowboy Boot Arch

Make drinking an ice cold beverage more fun with these super cute mugs for a western theme party!

Glass Boot Mug

Glass Boot Mug

Provide some fun entertainment for guests at your western event with this great game!

Wooden Cowboy Bean Bag Toss Game

Wooden Cowboy Bean Bag Toss Game

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