Wine Theme Centerpieces

Take Me To Tuscany!

Are you looking for wine theme centerpieces for your next dinner party?

Wine, cheese, fresh baguettes, candles… do these items conjure up images of nice, romantic, relaxing evenings with great conversation and good friends? Maybe you dream of being in Italy or in California wine country!

(This photo was taken of me with my husband, Dave, at a wine themed birthday party for a friend - good time!)

Whether you're looking to create a romantic dinner for two, or a special evening with a few close friends to try out that new shrimp pasta recipe, consider making one of these table creations.

Now, just breathe…exhale…sip…relax… and say "ahhh"! Now that’s fine living!

Basket of Bottles with

Place a metal or rattan basket on the table and fill it with a variety of different wines for people to try.  Place a vase filled with beautiful sunflowers or other flower of choice next to wine basket.  Guests will appreciate a colorful pitcher of water with fresh lemon slices nearby to refresh their pallet, or for the designated driver.

Topiary Centerpiece Idea

There's just something about topiary's that remind me of wine country and Tuscany.  Group several in the center of your table, or place down the length of a long table, varying the heights for interest.  Tuck in a few candles here and there and start pouring the wine! For added ambiance play Italian music in the background.

Beautiful Old World Table

  • Carved wood charger, adorned with silk green leaves, used as serving tray to hold wine carafe, cheese, and crackers.
  • Red shimmery organza napkins in wine glasses add nice red color.
  • Antique “cabbage rose” fabric used as tablecloth for great pattern and color which works for both wine theme centerpieces and Old World table decorations.
  • Votive, and taper candles give nice glow to table.
  • Ivy basket adds touch of outdoors, wicker basket provides texture to setting
  • Tuscany inspired round box holds patterned napkin and grapes
  • Dark red plates add to color of theme – dark purple, gold, or a mossy green would be pretty too!
  • Corks scattered on table add yet another interesting decorative touch.

Take Me To Italy!

  • Tall topiary in center of table creates a feeling of being outdoors... perhaps outside a cafe somewhere along the streets of Italy! Tall centerpiece also allows for viewing of all the guests sitting around the table.
  • Bunches of red grapes hung from the tree add to the wine theme.
  • Candles provide warm glow and create a more intimate setting.
  • Add a platter of fresh bread, grapes, cheese, spreads, olives… or whatever you want to serve that pairs nicely with your wine selections.
  • Mismatched napkins in various shades of copper and red are placed under each place setting for a color and texture in lieu of place mats, however, you can use anything you have to go with your theme.
  • The pattern, color, and texture of the napkins added to the vintage lace tablecloth give this table a bit of an Old World feeling.

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Swallow And Rose Wine Bottle Label Personalized Wine Bottle Label

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