Winter Wedding Centerpieces
(DIY and Save!)

You can create winter wedding centerpieces pretty easily with so many natural items available to use during this time of year. Most of the items are very budget-friendly, or even FREE, to those living in certain areas of the country.

If you need inspiration for your winter wedding centerpiece, consider the feeling you get when you look at:

  • The beauty of newly fallen snow that sparkles in the sun.
  • The iridescent shine and smoothness of a thick layer of ice.
  • The interesting spiky texture and deep green color of an evergreen branch.
  • The pop of bright red color from a berry sprig.
  • The earthy, rustic, wood feel of pinecones, birch tree bark, and tree branches.
  • The warm coziness of a fireplace, or the glow of candles.

DIY...Easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Select one of the common winter elements listed below (in bold) that you'd like to include in your winter wedding centerpieces.
  2. Select one or more of the suggested items listed after it to represent that element in your winter wedding centerpiece.
  3. Select your next element, and repeat.

(Example: If you’d like to have ICE, SNOW, and FIRE represented in your table decorations you might choose to fill a thick glass candle holder (ice) with Epsom salts (snow) and place a candle on top (fire) to get that feeling.)


Use things that are clear and thick: Real ice (ice sculptures, ice luge for cocktail area), large faux diamonds, diamond confetti, rhinestones, crystals, thick glass vases, glass block, glass or crystal cube shapes, and mirrors.


Use things that will provide shimmer or sparkle: Epsom salts, glitter, white or silver sequins, batting or fluffy cotton, a sheer shimmery fabric overlay, recycled paper shreds, recycled plastic shreds, iridescent beads, spray paint or spray snow

(Try this: Spray paint an old glass vase, let dry. Brush on some glue or Mod Podge and then sprinkle Epsom salts over it. The glue will dry clear and then you’ll have an instant glistening, snow covered container to hold your flowers, branches, or whatever.)


Use things that are dried or woody: Pine cones, tree branches, sticks, wicker containers/baskets, wood boxes, dried florals/seeds/beans, or recycled tree trunks (slice trunk into pieces to be used as a tray or as a base to hold candles or centerpieces).


Use things that glow or have the color of fire: Candles, LED or battery operated lighting, glow sticks (try putting one inside a gold balloon), amber colored accents in linens, glasses, or candle holders like the gorgeous gold ones shown in photo here.


Use things that are dark green or textured: Evergreen branches, wreaths (put a large hurricane lantern with candle in center), pine branches, dark green textured fabric runner, dark green recycled paper shreds, dark green pillar candles (avoid scented candles on tables where people are eating), round balls covered with evergreens or dark green foliage, evergreen topiaries.

(Try this: Place a few evergreen or pine branches inside a tall glass cylinder vase. Use glue gun to secure in place if desired. Add water to submerge them. Add a floating candle on top)

You don’t have to use every element...

Keep your winter wedding centerpieces simple and they will be more striking. Less really can be more! It's important, however, to keep the proper proportions.

Example: If you have 10 people seated at a large round table with a tiny votive candle placed on a mirror in the center, it just isn’t going to work or give you the impact you want. Instead, add a tall vase, insert a large tree branch towering above the table, paint that branch snowy white, add glitter, crystals, lighting, or whatever suits your wedding style, and THEN surround it with some candles. Make a statement with your centerpiece. Keeping it simple but stunning...that's what gives you the “Wow!”.

(Helpful Tip: Recycle old bottles or vases by spray painting, glittering, or gluing lace and other things onto them to create your own beautiful, unique containers to hold your centerpiece.)

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More Ideas for Winter Wedding Decorations:

Wedding Balloons:

Crystal clear, white, or soft blue balloons would make a really cool winter wedding centerpiece. Insert glitter into clear balloons, using a funnel before blowing them up with a pump, and it will have a wintery sparkle to it.  Read more about how to put together wedding balloon centerpieces and decorations.


Use a wide, wire-edged, ribbon as an accent. A plaid taffeta ribbon would look pretty. Use it to make bows as an accent on chair backs or to hang down from the bottom of a tall centerpiece. Tie it around solid colored napkins. Secure a piece around the center of a large pillar candle and then attach a charm, rhinestone, or a monogram sticker to it. Run 3 wide strips down length of table to create a runner. Then, weave additional strips in the opposite direction to make a basket weave pattern. Use solid colors, patterns, plaids, or a combination. You can also attach long strips to a burlap runner, leaving the outer edges of burlap showing.


I love raffia for its versatility! It works for just about any season and gives you a natural alternative to ribbon for less formal weddings. Raffia is inexpensive and can be purchased at craft stores, or online. Add it to your wedding decorations by tying it around napkins, make bows to add to centerpieces, wrap around candles, or include it with a large fabric bow for the back of chairs. Stuff some into a glass vase or clear glass ornaments and place down center of table. Tie it around favors, gifts, or the top of a menu (use hole punch to make 2 holes at top and then tie a bow). Tie a bow around the neck of Mason jars filled with candies for a candy buffet. Tie around a cheap bouquet of flowers, cut the stems down, and you have an instant bridal or bridesmaid bouquet.

Buy a package and let your imagination go! I think you’ll be surprised with what you can do with it. Here’s a tip when using raffia…don’t skimp! You definitely don’t want to just tie one little strand of the stuff around something. It’s cheap to buy, so use a bunch, or at least several strands. You’ll be happier with the fuller look and it’ll give a bigger impact to your decorations.


Ornaments can be used in many ways to create beautiful sparkly winter centerpieces. Glue small silver balls to a white tree shaped foam cone for a gorgeous look. Make a group of 3 in graduated sizes for each table.

Another simple way to use ornaments is to put them into a fishbowl. You can see an example here.

Hang ornaments from tree branch placed in center of table in a tall container.

Glue small ornaments onto a small foam ball to create decorative orbs. Place them directly on the table, or place them on top of a candle holder with a few flowers or greenery inserted in the space between where the orb and candle holder meet.


Ivy garland looks beautiful down the center of a long table. Use several strands together for a full look. Place on top of a runner and decorate as desired.

A large fishbowl filled with white, silver or gold metallic garland is a simple and very inexpensive idea. You could use tall cylinder glass vases in place of the fishbowl for a tall centerpiece. Consider using 3 per table and perhaps different colors of garland for each vase. Or, as another option, wrap and glue shimmery metallic garland onto the outside of the tall vases instead of placing it inside. This allows you to add a floating candle or pillar candle inside the vase for a beautiful glowing winter wedding centerpiece.

A Word About Color:

Any color can be used for a winter wedding. Around the Christmas holiday you may want to use reds or greens. Around Hanukkah, blue with silver would be stunning. Silver and gold always look appropriate for a winter wedding. Neutrals will look rich and wonderful when combined with natural elements.

With that being said, however, if you’re a bride that wants hot pink then you should have hot pink…it’s your day! To make it feel more appropriate for a winter wedding centerpiece consider adding some sparkle and warmth to it (think glistening snow and crackling fires). This will make it feel like a winter wedding centerpiece.

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